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Roshan Raj wrote:

Good Day to all,

I am a Hindu (a 36-year-old male), currently married to a Catholic. I had been married to a Hindu woman in the past and got legally divorced, with no kids. I have been sharing a close bond with Catholic churches and convents since I was very young.

After marrying my wife, I have been going to our local church to attend Mass on Sundays and on special days. Now I wish to get baptized and take up the Catholic faith for the rest of my life. My wife has not received Communion after marrying me and was not previously married either. Our marriage was outside of the Church solemnized by the National authority of registration of marriages. We don't have kids yet.

  • Where do I stand in terms of:

    • being able to convert to the Catholic faith, and
    • in the future, being able to exchange marriage vows with my wife in the Church?

  • Could you please throw some light into my situation?

Thank you


  { What does a married Hindu have to do to join the Catholic faith and have his marriage blessed? }

Mike replied:

Dear Roshan,

You stand on good grounds with your wishes being fulfilled.

Your wife is doing the right thing in not receiving the Eucharist seeing she was married outside the Church.

The next steps: Just make an appointment with your local pastor or priest telling them you wish to become a Catholic and have your marriage blessed by the Church. Based on what you have told us, I see no problems.

Seeing you and your wife will be obliged to raise your children in the faith, it's important to know what we believe as Catholics. If you haven't already, I would recommend you buy a cheap copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. If there are any further questions the Catechism doesn't answer you can:

Search our database here:

Ask us here:

or check out Catholic Answers at

I hope this helps and Welcome to the family!!

P.S. Also check out My Favorites.

John replied:


I'm not 100% sure of the canons, with respect to your wife receiving Communion before your marriage is blessed in the Church, but I tend to think Mike is correct, especially since she married outside the faith and that requires an easily-obtainable dispensation.

It is wonderful that you are coming into the Church . . . and welcome!!

Depending on the diocese, you may need a longer RCIA program because you are converting from an entirely different religion, as opposed to a non-Catholic Christian religion.

In the meantime, it's possible, if not likely, your marriage can be blessed in the Church. Neither you or your previous wife were Christians at the time of your marriage so I don't believe there is a requirement that you go through an annulment process but I could be wrong. There might be some minor process.

If no annulment is needed, you'd need a dispensation and then you could get your marriage blessed, while you go through the RCIA This means your wife could start receiving the sacraments as soon as the wedding is blessed in the Catholic Church.

Like Mike said, talk the priest at the Church. if he doesn't know, he will refer you to someone in the diocese that will.

Good Luck — Welcome — and God Bless,


Roshan replied:

Dear Mike and John,

Thank you so much for the valuable words.

Will share with you the future developments.



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