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Janice wrote:

Hi guys,

I've been thinking for a while and I would like to go back to church but it's complicated.

I was christened in the United Kingdom but in the Congregational church. My mother comes from a strong Catholic background but was literally cast out (back in the 50s) for marrying outside of the faith. She ensured we had a church upbringing which involved going to a Catholic Church.

My brother embraced the Catholic faith while the other three of us just drifted along going to church in Catholic settings while being educated in a Protestant school. Religion was a huge factor growing up in the United Kingdom.

I want to go to church but I don't know where I belong.

I remember going to Catholic Masses and identify with it. I feel a desire to go to church but I don't know, given my circumstances, if I would I even be identified as a Catholic when I have no real history as a Catholic. e.g. (being baptized, going to Catholic schools, etc.)

Thanks for listening,


  { Since I want return, can you assist me in where I belong when I have no history as a Catholic? }

Bob replied:


It seems that the Lord is working in you to bring you closer to Himself and also the Church family He created, the Catholic Church.

I would encourage you go to Mass, but don't receive the Eucharist until you have formally been received into the Church.

That can be accomplished in a couple of ways, but most likely you should attend a program called RCIA and learn more about becoming a Catholic.

To get more information, please talk to a parish priest, ask about RCIAand explain your situation; I'm sure he would be thrilled to help.


Bob Kirby

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