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Gordon Wiebe wrote:

Hi, guys —

My question is this:

  • Could a person in an isolated situation, where they have no access to the Catholic Church:
    • discover a Bible
    • read about all that Christ accomplished, and
    • come into a living and eternal relationship with:
      • God, the Father,
      • through Jesus Christ
      • by the work of the Holy Spirit

        none Of Whom are limited by human boundaries?

  • And could they live out that new life for their whole life time, even though separated from the teaching and visible presence of the Catholic Church?

Thank you for your consideration of this question!

Gordon Wiebe

  { Could a person in an isolated spot, where there's no Catholic Church, have an eternal relationship? }

Paul replied:


The short answer is yes. Union with Christ through His Church and in His sacraments is the normal means by which we encounter Christ. God established this for our salvation.

  • Can God work outside His visible Church and sacraments for those who have no access to them, or who are invincibly ignorant of them?

Yes, He can but for those who do have access and who know better, we are obligated to encounter His grace and truth, through His Church, which He established by His Blood.



Gordon replied:

Thank you,

As long as human leadership does not become a substitute or overriding focus to the work of God's Spirit in revealing the Victory of the Cross. Your first answer reveals that one thing is absolutely necessary: Christ.

How quickly our focus turns from Him to us!

I will pray that you, and I, and all of us, continue to deepen in Him!


Bob replied:


Of course it is possible; all things are possible in God. Christ can effect salvation within any circumstance, otherwise babies, the mentally retarded, and others who are limited in their access to the fullness of the faith, would have no chance.

Still, the further we get away from the Church and the sacraments, the greater the peril to our souls. Everyone needs Christ to save them and without the benefit of all that Christ gave us, many perish.

Hell is real and there are enemies of (God and us) that are actively seeking to destroy our relationship with God. So, it does make a difference if we are missing the whole and we can't presume someone is safe without it.


Bob Kirby

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