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Questions from those contemplating becoming a Catholic.
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Posting date Questions
August 2021 How does a 16-year-old non-Christian become a Catholic; what's the process and when can I join?
August 2021 Can you help me finish the task of becoming Catholic by leading me to an English-speaking priest?
August 2021 Would it be immoral to postpone RCIA until after graduation, so I can join the Church in a stable way?
August 2021 How should I live in a way that's pleasing to God since I'm dependent and can't become Catholic?
August 2021 Why would a loving and merciful God condemn everybody due to Adam and Eve's sins?
April 2021 Will I go to Hell if I can't be a Catholic and go to Mass; and how do the Liturgy of the Hours work?
January 2021 If you plan on becoming Catholic, can you go to a Priest and get help with your spiritual problems?
January 2021 What should I do if I disagree with the pope on any issue; should I reject the Catholic faith?
January 2021 Are prayers more effective in front of the Consecrated Host and, if so, where do I pray?
April 2020 How can a Muslim become a Christian or have a Church saint sent to preach to me in silence?
April 2020 Now that I'm an older Catholic, can you guide me in getting back on track in practicing my faith?
April 2020 Even though I can't become Catholic now, does God at least understand my position and heart?
January 2020 How does a Catholic who left the faith and converted to Islam come back to the Catholic Church?
January 2020 As an Armenian Christian, is she doing enough to be Catholic or is something else needed?
January 2020 Can a convert from Buddhism with a homosexual history be considered for the religious life?
August 2019 Since I feel a call to explore the Catholic faith more, can you help steer me in the right direction?
August 2019 If my parents don't allow me to join, am I putting my salvation at risk, if I don't formally convert?
April 2019 If I never knew my faith, would I need to be re-baptized before learning and practicing it again?
April 2019 Do you have advice for my new female friendship In light of my past union and return to the faith?
April 2019 In this marital situation, can a baptized Pentecostal receive the sacraments at the Easter Vigil?
April 2019 Do you have good advice for someone being drawn to the Lord while practicing the Catholic faith?
April 2019 Do expectations vary among parishes for new Catholics, what do I learn first, and how do I fit in?
April 2019 What is the next step for a teen, whose parents stopped going to Church, to return to the faith?
April 2019 As a Catholic convert, can I offer a Mass for my non-Catholic parents?
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