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Chris Hopkins wrote:

Hi, guys —

I'm Catholic and my kids are too. They do not attend Mass and probably never will.

  • If they do not go to Heaven, why would I want to?

Chris Hopkins

  { If my kids don't go to Heaven for not attending Mass, why would I want to go there without them? }

Bob replied:


Because it's better than going to Hell. Most practicing Catholic parents feel the same way. We can't imagine the loss of our children's souls, or having happiness in Heaven if they are not with us but the story doesn't end there; there is hope.

God wants our children to live with Him and all of those good souls that have rejected evil and want to live in love — we call them saints. He isn't giving up on them, nor should we. We pray, make real sacrifices, lead by example and love them even through disappointment. God works miracles every day, and if there is a way to get them in, He will.

That being said, God is not going to force them to accept His love or authority. That is a free choice, but we have all seen people choose to reject Him. God never stops loving them; He loves all those in Hell . . . even satan, but you can love someone and just can't live with them. That's how it is. God willing, when we get to Heaven, we will see things more clearly and understand how much God respects our choices, freedom, and beauty in our very existence, otherwise He would have just annihilated all those who chose evil.

Sadly, I have family members who don't speak to anyone else, because they prefer to hold on to malice in their hearts. I love them but don't want to live with them. When the final chips are down, there will be no second guessing or what if's — only reality.

Choose to love and pray for your children — I do on my Rosary every day.


Bob Kirby

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