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Posting date Questions
August 2018 Is it right for the Pope (the leader of the Catholic Church) to pray at a Mosque?
April 2018 Can you clarify what Pope Francis' beliefs are regarding Hell and does he deny its existence?
April 2018 Why should infallibility be granted to the Church when teaching that something is morally bad?
August 2017 Are there any circumstances in which the Camerlengo would appear alongside the Pope?
August 2017 Is there a papal protocol for the Second Coming; if so, where is it located and what does it say?
January 2017 Can you explain the year of forgiveness and if the Pope forgives, why did Jesus have to die for us?
January 2017 Do you know the Church view on these questions seeing I'm thinking about joining the Church?
August 2016 Can you direct me to the source of a Latin song sung during a Papal address, referring to Lucifer?
January 2016 If the world stops paying the pope will forgiveness stop and why not use money to cure diseases?
January 2016 When writing the Pope, what is the proper way to conclude my letter with the enclosed questions?
January 2016 Did Pope Francis really say Jesus was a failure?
January 2016 Why did the Pope said it is dangerous to have a personal relationship with Jesus?
January 2016 Does the pope ever get a day off and, if so, what does he do for fun?
January 2016 Why would the Pope limit a declaration which helps so many woman who have had an abortion?
January 2016 Why does the pope encourage Jews to continue to practice Judaism which denies Jesus as Messiah?
June 2015 Can you help me explain the use and relevancy of Petra and petros to my Protestant friends?
June 2015 If Jesus was Jewish why we are Catholic and can you answer some questions on St. Peter?
June 2015 Why do you say Jesus made Peter a Pope and gave him the keys to the Church yet was married?
June 2015 How do I answer Protestant attacks against the papal tiara that has 666 written on it?
January 2015 What right did Pope Benedict XVI have to reform the reforms and hinder the Church from growing?
January 2015 By supporting the theory of evolution, is the Pope depriving God of being the Creator?
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