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Posting date Questions
January 2019 Seeing that I don't understand what the unpardonable sin is, can you explain this to me?
January 2019 Are we obliged to report all crimes and law-breaking like violated copyright laws, fake IDs, etc.?
January 2019 Can you really sell your soul to the devil and, if so, would the Lord forgive you for such a thing?
January 2019 What is the basis of the Trinity and what is the basis for going to a priest for Confession?
January 2019 Can you answer some questions on pilgrimages, Isaiah 17:1, and what happens when Jesus returns?
January 2019 In light of this, can the devil create life or even create?
August 2018 What is the official teaching of the Church on forgiveness by us and by the priest in Confession?
August 2018 Do other sources address unbaptized infants and does Baptism play a bigger role than faith?
August 2018 Am I far enough removed from this material cooperation with evil or do I need to find another job?
August 2018 Why does a loving God permit suffering and what should I do when my mind and faith disagree?
August 2018 At the end, will everyone be forgiven and end up in Heaven and will our questions be answered?
August 2018 If you never knew Christianity and never knew the Ten Commandments, how will you be treated?
August 2018 What do Catholics believe about the five Solas (Scriptura, Fide, Gratia, Christus, and Deo Gloria)?
August 2018 Since I can't find Biblical answers and think my priest doesn't know, can you answer my questions?
August 2018 If existence is good, then how can it also, at the same time, be deprived of all good?
August 2018 Why provide a 'service' (religion) that is unreliable or cannot coexist with science?
August 2018 Can you answer some questions on the history and use of the Church calling priests, Father?
August 2018 In lieu of what the Bible says, what happens to the millions that never received God's Word?
April 2018 What is the proper autonomy of science and what is problematic in scientism and religionism?
April 2018 How can one talk with Jesus at their judgment with no body and what is Catholic thought on this?
April 2018 Is it coveting to want to be the first in line for a concert when one is last in line?
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