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Wanda Martin wrote:

Hi, guys —

I know this may sound odd seeing that I am not of the Catholic faith but I recently started making Rosaries for military men and women overseas. They are black so they cannot be seen on the battlefield. In making the Rosaries, I began to explore its history, and found I had misinterpreted what I knew of the Rosary. I have become fascinated with the Rosary prayer and have found a great peace and feeling of our Lord Jesus Christ through the making of these Rosaries.

Along with my fascination of the Rosary, I have begun to study the beliefs of the Catholic Church. I am just overcome with emotion at what I have read. The belief system is in line with where God, the Father has been leading me. I do not know what to do. I believe I want to convert. I have been baptized in the Christian faith, and I have attended:

  • Baptist
  • non-denominational, and
  • Pentecostal churches.

Please help me because I do not really understand what steps to take. My husband is a non-believer although he was baptized as a child.

I do not know if the Catholic Church would accept me since I am married to a non-believer. I have three children. The oldest is 18, then 8, and last one is 4. I have been married before.

I feel as though I have so many strikes against me, but I still feel drawn to a deeper relationship with Christ, and I believe it may be through joining the Catholic Church.

Thank you,

Wanda Martin

  { Can I join the Church if my husband is a non-believer and I have been previously married? }

Eric replied:

Dear Wanda,

What a wonderful story!

I am sure indeed it is the Lord drawing you to the Catholic faith. How kind of you to make Rosaries for soldiers overseas; I am confident that the Lord is rewarding you for your sacrifice.

As for what to do, well, respond to where God is leading you and pray for His will.

As for concrete steps, find a good priest to talk to, or just talk to the pastor of the local parish. You can look it up in the phone book. Call him up, say that you want to inquire into the Catholic faith or that you want to be received into the Catholic faith, and he will speak with you about your journey and teach you what you need to know.

As for your husband, because he was baptized (even if he no longer believes), the Church does not have an objection to marrying such a person. There are exceptions that can be made even for those never baptized.

The bigger question is whether he was validly married before, and whether you were. I suspect the most important consideration at this point is your previous marriage(s). Both of you would have to obtain an annulment of all your previous marriages before being fully received into the Church, or else live with your husband henceforth as brother and sister. The priest can help you work through all these questions once you are ready to be received into the Church.

Regardless of what obstacles there are, it is worth it.

Think of the parable of the pearl of great price, and the effort of the man in the parable to obtain the pearl he valued so much. This applies to Jesus, but it also applies to Jesus' bride and Jesus' Mystical body, the Catholic Church and you will be rewarded richly in Heaven.

Meanwhile, if you have any specific questions about the faith, please feel free to write us back!

Eric Ewanco

Mary Ann replied:

Wanda —

First, do not be afraid. When the Lord calls, He clears a path.

The Church can help you sort things out. Pray to be led to a good priest, and the priest will set things in motion. You don't have to have all angles figured out ahead of time!

You have our joyful support in prayer.

I would also ecourage you to consider buying a cheap copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church so you know all the teachings faithful Catholics believe.

Mary Ann

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