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Raphaelle Person wrote:

Hi, guys —

Beneath Chinese cosmology, there are two terms to convey the idea of a demon: one being: mo, the other gui.

  • The former term conveys the concept of a craze, a mania or an obsession.
  • The latter the idea of a ghost or a damnation; a dead soul. an effigy.

This is my second question from yesterday. A soul in Purgatory, not irretrievably damned, is as gentle as a softly thrown pebble tapping somebody's personal window, perhaps like a gentle tugging on one's clothing to be known beneath one's presence.

The Taoists themselves teach that there is no such thing as eternal damnation.

  • What does this mean?

The Jehovah's Witnesses teach of a resting place, a common grave called Sheol or Hell which is only temporary. There is also Gehenna from which there is no awakening or Resurrection.

Souls damned to Gehenna knew what is purely right in their hearts, yet chose to do nothing. Those dead souls in Sheol did not know enough of the Truth. They merely transpired beneath Adam and Eve's transgression and will have a second chance upon Judgement Day. Those resurrected dead souls will have the same chance Adam and Eve had in Paradise: to be restored according to memory.

The Light of the Lord shall be revealed to all corners of the inhabited Earth before the end and those who perish during the end are dead forever. Gehenna is theirs.

Voices I am hearing repeat the words There is no God. I hear stress beneath profound anger as hateful and hurtful things are said.

  • What is it for? and what could it all mean?
  • How may this be a kind soul in Purgatory?

I keep hearing messages spoken to the effect of "you are no good to Jesus."

Beneath Chinese cosmology, there is the concept of a hungry ghost: an effigy of something that died without Christ in its heart forever thirsty and hungry for its sins. They eventually reincarnate as, say, animals, living souls, at least as I understand the Jehovah's Witnesses' explanation. What has a heart and a respiratory system is a living soul.

  • Do you know if this explanation is rooted in the Hebrew term nephesh?

The Jehovah's Witnesses, of course devote their time towards Bible study.

  • Trees do not have living souls according to the Bible as they are merely organisms which help us.
  • The Bible states that animals have souls, however, they are not subject to the Lord's final judgement in the same way that people are.

    Are these theological views correct?

Raphaelle Person

  { What are these other non-Catholic voices talking about and is my understanding of a soul correct? }

Bob replied:

Dear Raphaelle,

You have submitted several questions, and some teachings from other religions that are simply human speculations about things, and as a result, are untrue. The only truth we seek is that of Jesus Christ, who alone is the Way, the Truth, and the Life (cf. John 14:6). There is not ample time to explain all aspects of Jesus, (True God and True Man), and Christianity here.

The voices which you seem to hear, if they are real and not a simple delusion are most likely demonic, and they would want to dissuade you from faith in God. Don't listen. If you are Catholic, get to Confession and receive the Eucharist, pray the Rosary and stay in the state of grace. Outside of these protections you are at risk of demonic influence. In this point of world history the demonic are running rampant and hurting many souls.

There are four last things that every Catholic needs to know: Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell. The reality of souls that seem to be in a sort of limbo state (ghosts) are usually souls that are not damned (for example in the case of some lives cut short.) Exorcists tell us that a soul may be bound here for a time to fulfill some purpose of God — never in some scary or malicious way — as a condition before they undergo full purgation), but are in a state of being purified. Sometimes they are allowed to communicate their need for prayers and penance to mitigate their suffering, because, before they can enter Heaven, they must be completely purified. This is a painful and arduous experience, but necessary to enter the presence of God. God allows this communication, which does not extend into a sort of dialogue like mediums and diviners carry on, but simply a plea for help. If some type of conversation were to occur with these souls it would most assuredly not be of God.

There are demonic spirits that can mimic the souls of humans with the intent to deceive or lure people into sin. They are not to be entertained in any way, for they are evil and only want to hurt you.

Lastly, trees, animals, and ever-loving thing have a soul, but not a spirit, or what we would call an immortal soul.

  • Trees and animals are not made in the image of God, who lives forever. Their soul, or life principle, is temporary.
  • Our souls will continue on in either Heaven or Hell.


Bob Kirby

Mike replied:

Dear Raphaelle,

I think you have a misunderstanding of the Catholic teaching on Purgatory. This web posting should help:

To expand on Bob's reply, let me share with you a good page from my Christian Basics web page.
Make sure you read the article titled:

Hope this helps,


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