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Posting date Questions
January 2022 Is it OK for a Catholic to read the (CSV) Christian Standard Version of the Bible?
January 2022 Where did chapters 13 and 14 come from in Daniel and are there any more chapters I am missing?
January 2022 Is it wrong for me to ask for help with the Word of God from my Protestant brothers and sisters?
January 2022 Who wrote the Catholic Bible?
August 2021 Does the wedding feast in Matthew 22 imply Heaven is nothing deeper than a social gathering?
August 2021 How do I respond to questions about Paul, his teachings, and that he hallucinated about Jesus?
August 2021 Should Catholics read the King James (KJV) Bible or just the Catholic Bible?
April 2021 What are the words in Mark 1:21-26 referring to . . . a demon, satan, or is it something else?
April 2021 Is there a Catholic view of these verses (used by Seventh-Day Adventists to disprove our faith)?
January 2021 Can you shed some light on her argument that Gnosticism has a biblical basis and her references?
January 2021 How do we know God wrote the Bible via authors by the Spirit and how do I reassure my friend?
January 2021 Why would Jesus ask His disciples to eat His Body and drink His Blood; such a horrible thing?
January 2021 If the Bible says, God is omnibenevolent and omnipotent, how do I resolve this conundrum?
August 2020 What Catholic Study Bible would you recommend other then these two?
August 2020 Why is a reference to a Psalm off by one in an answer Eric provided on Catholics and Passover?
August 2020 What happened to Philip in Acts Chapter 8, verse 9 (Acts 8:39); how do we interpret this verse?
August 2020 Were there any traditions in the Old Testament of asking saints for their intercession?
August 2020 Why did God want to destroy the world if the Father's Plan was to send His Son to save humanity?
August 2020 Can you reconcile these Scripture passages in John with the Catholic teaching on the Eucharist?
April 2020 If this saying from Jesus wasn't from the Gospel, can you tell me where I read this from?
January 2020 Can you help me find the Scriptural reference for ' the Church being our Mother ' ?
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