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Posting date Questions
January 2015 Has Pope Francis changed his view on the Freemasons and are they victims of medieval bigotry?
August 2014 Can you give me a full, good explanation of what the Mormons teach?
April 2014 Is it permitted to blow out a saint candle or should I use a candle extinguisher?
April 2014 Isn't prayer and witchcraft the same thing since you are asking for help from a higher power?
April 2014 Would it be sinful for me check out these Wiccan meetings though I have no interest in joining?
April 2014 Why does the web site transliterate the word "Jehovah" incorrectly?
April 2014 What is the Hebrew calendar equivalent of our belief that Jesus died on Friday?
January 2014 Are groups like the Job's Daughters, Eastern Star, and Rainbow girls subject to these canons?
April 2013 Can you tell something about "The Emotion Code"?
April 2013 Am I breaking any rules dating a Wiccan man, raised Catholic, who is interested in marrying me?
April 2013 Is it wrong to meet with a New Ager and give them a chance to explain what they believe?
April 2013 If you are a member of [the Masons|Freemasonry] can you still become a Catholic?
April 2013 If the Masons are considered occult why aren't the Knight's of Columbus or St. John also occult?
January 2013 Can you explain these biblical passages a Jehovah Witness gave me?
January 2013 Is this a good translation of this Bible passage and can we trust this translation of the Bible?
January 2013 What is Revelation 1:8 referring to: Jehovah or Jesus?
August 2012 Are any of these crafts valid and is it wrong to find out their motive?
August 2012 Why did Jehovah Witness' change John 1:1?
April 2012 If I wanted to hunt demons, would it be a sin due to the killing or just for messing in the occult?
January 2012 Can you help answer some questions about Jesus that a Muslim friend asked me; how do I reply?
January 2012 Can you help an Iraqi Catholic Christian answer these questions for friends persuaded by Islam?
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