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Father James McGhee wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • Can you give me a full, good explanation of what the Mormons teach?

Thanks and God Bless,

Father James McGhee

  { Can you give me a full, good explanation of what the Mormons teach? }

Mike replied:

Dear Father,

While I welcome your question and thank-you for your priesthood if you would like a full, good explanation of what the Mormons teach, go ask them.

Our goal and mission at AskACatholic is to clarify misperceptions about the Catholic faith, not to explain someone else's faith.

There are many, many Protestant web sites that make claims about what we believe as Catholics, when none of them are well-catechized faithful Catholics.

  • Does this seem fair to any well-balance logical person?

There are also other Anti-Catholic web sites and organizations that do this.

For example, the United States Army used the Southern Poverty Law Center as a source of truth for the views of Roman Catholics and Evangelistic Christians and in 2013 both groups were designated as hate groups by the United States Army!

True, when we answer a question about the Catholic faith that delves into another faith, we have to share to the best of our ability what we know about other faiths and why the Catholic faith is so different from theirs, but that's in the process of answering a Catholic question.

  • Why would you expect me to answer a question that only a faithful Mormon could answer?

I hope you understand.


Eric replied:

Hi, Father —

I agree with Mike. Nothing is more frustrating for me than when non-Catholics come to me accusing me of believing false things as a Catholic that they learned from anti-Catholic sources.

Even well-intentioned, non-Catholics can unwittingly distort our teachings. So I recommend that someone who wants to learn about Catholicism learn it from Catholic sources. Thus I avoid trying to explain someone else's faith except in very general terms. The same should hold true for Mormons.

Good luck!

I'd start with, their official website.


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