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Questions about the Sacrament of Marriage.
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The Good News About Marriage: Debunking Discouraging Myths about Marriage and Divorce

11 ways to have a strong marriage after baby By Julie Revelant

and my favorite feminist next to Our Blessed Mother, Suzanne Venker.

Posting date Questions
January 2023 Even if my parents disagree, if my Muslim girlfriend gets baptized, can we get married in the Catholic Church?
January 2023 What Canon laws ban a father from walking his daughter down the aisle of his daughter's Baptist wedding?
August 2022 Can you provide advice on how to deal with this family-faith situation; I just want to be a good mother?
April 2022 Will there be an issue with my non-Catholic wedding that would not allow my child to be baptized?
April 2022 Will there be an issue with my non-Catholic wedding that would not allow my child to be baptized?
January 2022 Would it be a sin to deny sexual relations to your spouse except for fasting, prayer or illness?
January 2022 Should have tamed this weakness before getting engaged and what if he doesn't fully satisfy me?
January 2022 When I'm close to my wife, how do I defeat this mind set which leads to my lack of interest in sex?
January 2022 Are there sources stating Catholics shouldn't attend weddings of Catholics not wed in the Church?
January 2022 Can you provide insight on how we should handle our parent's discouraging our desire to marry?
January 2022 Can a practicing Catholic allow a couple married by a Justice of the Peace to sleep in their house?
August 2021 If a friend marries outside the Church, will she be able to receive the Eucharist?
August 2021 Is it okay for a newly married couple to have sex if they are not able to have children?
August 2021 Do I still need an annulment even though my ex-spouse has already remarried?
April 2021 How does a U.S. male get consent from the diocesan bishop to legally marry a Ukrainian woman?
January 2021 What advice do you have for some newly weds who believe they may be haunted by demons?
January 2021 Can you provide some dating advice on handling my boyfriend who believes in premarital sex?
April 2020 Can we get married and have our children baptized in this Church or should we find another place?
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