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April 2022 Why are there pictures of people and statues in churches, can priests wear beards, should men's heads be uncovered and what's the purpose of the Catechism?
January 2022 If God is fair, why do aborted babies go to Heaven but the living can go to Hell for not believing?
January 2022 What do you have to say to the fact that Vatican II documents contradict previous proclamations?
January 2022 What is the point of eternal life or the after life; is it just to have fun and talk to dead people?
January 2022 Can a trivial venial sin become mortal and should I ruin my friend's joy by telling them it's a sin?
January 2022 Did God create the Universe, or is God the Universe itself, and explain why God is real?
January 2022 Can the AskACatholic team give me a better understanding of the significance of the embodiment?
January 2022 How can my prayers for my job problem be effective; how do I get God to answer these prayers?
January 2022 Since the Eucharist is the"Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ" how can Christ have a soul?
January 2022 Can you answer some basic questions from a Catholic that I have always pondered about?
January 2022 If someone is afraid of being raped in prison and commits suicide will they go to Heaven or Hell?
January 2022 Why do we pray and have Masses for the "dead" when, until the Second Coming, they are "dead"?
January 2022 What does Pope Francis' "Traditionis Custodes" mean for the TLM and how do I evangelize atheists?
August 2021 Why does the Church reserve the Eucharistic consecration function only for ordained priests?
August 2021 Does the sin of scandal always need reparation, especially since I previously proselytized Atheism?
August 2021 Are there any postings on the Early Christian beliefs on the intercessory prayers of the Saints?
August 2021 Why does God allow mental illness; doesn't He want us to live life abundantly?
August 2021 Will these things I did in my youth be forgiven or will I be separated from the Lord forever?
April 2021 If God has no gender, why call God "a Him"; isn't He like an energy that flows via the universe?
April 2021 If I disagree with the Magisterium but am willing to submit to Her authority, can l be a Catholic?
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