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Posting date Questions
January 2014 Can you tell me where the Vatican Press Office e-mail address is on your web site?
January 2014 Can you help me find a scanned form of this book on Canon Law, it's too expensive to buy?
August 2013 Can you answer some questions about the devil's advocate and the term promoter fidei?
August 2013 Do you know a working e-mail for the Vatican Press Office?
January 2013 How do you write a letter to the bishop asking for a new priest?
January 2013 A few years ago, I would have had to pay someone for the information you are providing.
January 2013 Are there guidelines laid down for what chapels and churches can and cannot be used for?
August 2012 Is it true that there are that many Catholic denominations?
August 2012 What is the best way to read the Catechism and are there other resources for seeking Christians?
April 2012 Where is the appropriate place of presiding for a lay leader at a Communion service?
April 2012 Does the Catholic Church have an officially approved film about Jesus that it endorses?
April 2012 How do I find the history of my Catholic parish, it's statues, and the Saints enshrined in the altar?
April 2012 Is it okay to become a member of two parishes or do we need to live within one parish?
January 2012 How do I get a copy of my grandparent's marriage certificate for the Italian consulate?
January 2012 Can a non-Catholic join a (public or private) lay Catholic association for the sake of making vows?
August 2011 What would be the proper chain of command (or protocol) for filing a complaint at your parish?
August 2011 What do you think of the dreams I have been having that include encounters with Jesus and Mary?
August 2011 Can someone help me with a paper I'm doing on the Catholic faith?
April 2011 Do you openly publish questions that were very personal in nature with the person's name on it?
April 2011 Can you provide me with a list of Catholic web sites I can trust and which one does reviews?
April 2011 How old are the books, scrolls, earliest manuscripts, (and their copies) in the Vatican library?
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