Ryan wrote:

Hi, guys —

I am a senior in high school and I'm considering making the conversion to Catholicism.

I was raised Methodist, although not strictly. In the last few years, I have explored many spiritual paths in an attempt to find my calling, and I believe I have found it in the Catholic Church.

I have only one question about the Virgin Mary:

Mary was free of original sin in order to be suitable to carry Jesus.

  • If God could stop the ancestral passing of original sin onto Mary, even though she was born of parents with original sin, why couldn't He have just protected Christ in the womb in the same way, without making Mary free of original sin?

Thank you,


  { If Mary was conceived without sin by parents born with sin, why not protect Jesus the same way? }

Mary Ann replied:

Hi, Ryan —

Because Christ's body was formed from the body of Mary, and His flesh had to be utterly holy, never having been touched by sin.

Mary Ann

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