Diane Pilatovsky wrote:

Hi, guys —

I was married as a young Jewish woman in the Synagogue and went through a divorce after several years. I converted to Catholicism and would like to marry a Catholic widower in the Catholic faith.

  • In my situation, is it possible to marry in the Catholic Church?


  { Can a convert from Judaism marry a Catholic widower in the Church? }

Mary Ann replied:

Hi, Diane —

Yes, under one of (perhaps) two conditions:

  1. if your previous union is examined and found to be invalid for some reason:
    • the concept of marriage might have be defective
    • one of the couples might have had a faulty intention regarding:
      • children or
      • the permanency of marriage or
    • one of them might have lacked full consent or discretion

  2. if you receive the Pauline privilege, which applies when one party of a previous union becomes Christian; but you would have to talk to your pastor about that.

Mary Ann

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