Patrick Cronin wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • What are the requirements of those of the Episcopal faith who wish to join the Roman Catholic faith?
  • If there is a Anglicanorum coetibus parish, can a Roman Catholic attend Mass/Services there?


  { What are the requirements for Episcopalians who wish to join the Roman Catholic faith? }

Eric replied:

Hi, Pat —

I can't say for absolutely sure but if the person is not in an invalid marriage, likely it would require some instruction, (often done for convenience as part of RCIA, but it can be done privately with the priest, apart from RCIA for baptized candidates) followed by a profession of faith, and the reception of Confirmation, and the Eucharist.

You said:

Yes, Anglican Use parishes and Anglicanorum coetibus parishes are in full communion with the Catholic Church and any Catholic may fulfill his obligation there and receive Communion.


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