Tekle Adhanom wrote:

Hi, guys —

In the gospel of Saint Luke 15:1-32 there are three parables. The lost sheep, the lost coin, and the Prodigal son.

  • How did every one of the characters in the three parables lose its way?
  • How did each character come back to their owner?
  • What did the shepherd, the father, and the woman do to return their lost character back?
  • How could you describe the whole situation if you were, the father, the shepherd, the woman, or the elder son?
  • What would you feel if you were the elder son?


  { Can you answer these questions from the three parables found in St. Luke's Gospel, Chapter 15? }

Mike replied:

Dear Tekle,

These are excellent questions.

After you read St. Luke's Gospel, please send me your answers so I can post them and others will gain from your insight.

Again thanks! : )


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