GettingExpensive Ginger wrote:

Hi, guys —

My boyfriend and I live in two separate cities and we're both Catholic. Since we began dating we have been going to see each other on the weekends. We've been staying in hotels to honor our promise of not living together or have sex before marriage.

The only issue is that it's becoming too expensive for both of us. We have no family in either of our cities to stay with, so we are considering staying with each other. We have guest bedrooms that the other can sleep in and, again, we have no intentions of sleeping with each other before marriage.

  • If we slept in different guest rooms at each other's house while visiting, would it be sinful?


  { If we slept in different guest rooms at each other's house while visiting, would it be sinful? }

Mike replied:

Dear Ginger,

Here is my two cents.

First, I admire you and your boyfriend's desire to wait until marriage. That said, from my view, you and your boyfriend would be opening yourselves up to an easy occasion of sin, even if you were sleeping in different guest rooms.

I can't comment further because you didn't tell us how far apart you live and how long you have been dating.

If you don't really know each other, this would be a bad idea.

My colleagues may have more to add but, again, this doesn't sound like a good idea.

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I hope this helps,


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