Struggling Samuel wrote:

Hi, guys —

I have been married over one year but I cannot get my wife pregnant. She told me if I cannot get her pregnant that she is going to leave me. I need some advice.

  • What should I do?
  • What should I say?


  { What should I do and say if my wife says, she will leave me if I can't get her pregnant? }

Bob replied:


You should seek some medical advice from a doctor who understands Catholic Moral teaching and find out if there is any medical issue preventing either one of you from conceiving. [Other sources.] You can also try Natural Family Planning techniques to determine when she is ovulating and the best times to try and conceive. Do a little research on the internet.

You should also pray — with your wife — together, for your mutual fertility — and God's will for both of you. God is the author of life and this is a 3-way deal. It is not up to either one of you, but Him.

Remind your wife that she married a husband, not simply a sperm donor. There are no guarantees about fertility in a marriage, and certainly circumstances vary from time to time making conception harder to come by. Many couples have to wait years before it happens.

My wife and I could not conceive because my wife had a medical issue, so we adopted. Sometimes God works in different ways. I know a couple who couldn't conceive, adopted, and then got pregnant a year later! You just can't tell what will happen.

Just pray and do some homework.

You may need some marriage counseling if she doesn't seem to get it.



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