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Adriana Ayala wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • Are mortal sins worse during Lent and are they forgivable?


  { Are mortal sins worse during Lent and are they forgivable? }

Eric replied:


No, mortal sins are not worse during Lent.

All sins that you are repentant of are forgivable. God is merciful and waiting like the prodigal son's father to receive you back into the family.


Bob replied:


Why don't you ask the question another way, how about:

  • Is God's Mercy any less during Lent?

The truth is you may feel worse about something because you know this is the season we should be doing penance and making things right, but if you fall, God's Mercy does not shrink. Start over, reboot, go to Confession, dust yourself off and do better.

We are human, all of us, you and me both. Sometimes I shock myself on how stupid and sinful I can be but I have learned that God doesn't want me to get stuck on my failures, but he wants me to keep moving forward.

  • Is a soldier crossing a battlefield sometimes:
    • going to hit a mine
    • stumble into a hole or
    • trip himself up? <Absolutely>

but the one who makes it out alive, keeps himself focused on his objective. The devil would have us wallow in our misery and failures, but not God. Picture a mother with her two or three-year-old child. That child will do things all day long that are mischievous and wrong.

  • The child may get scolded when it does something really bad, and even start crying, but does the mother stop loving the child?
  • Does the mother give up on the child? <Absolutely not.>

See yourself as a child of God and you can get through any of your mistakes.


Bob Kirby

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