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Mark Aziz wrote:

Hello everyone!

Hope you are well!

A couple of days ago I found out that the creator of Hamilton has just released a competition where people who enter can go and see a show, and go to the after-party with the cast.

When you enter, you donate to a charity. I want to enter but the charity is Planned Parenthood.

As soon as I found out about that, I was immediately drawn into a dilemma and just did not know what to do. I have been researching about the views of Christians donating to Planned Parenthood.

I am against abortion and would not want any donation to fund abortions; I know abortion is not health care. It would be my hope that it would fund other services like sex education and other non-abortion health care related issues. There is the option to enter without donating, but it is much more tedious and have to send multiple letters to enter.

  • What do you think I should do in this dilemma?

May God bless you,


  { Should I consider giving to Planned Parenthood for its sex education and other non-abortion care? }

Bob replied:


Planned Parenthood is a satanic outfit. I say that because it's entire mission has been to thwart the will of God and lead people into sin. It's founder Margaret Sanger was an evil woman who wanted to employ eugenics to eliminate all the undesirables including:

  • blacks
  • the mentally handicapped
  • and so on.

The organization was originally called the American Birth Control League. Anything that they appear to do for the health of women is simply a cover for the dirty business of abortion and birth control.

Do not fuel the enemy of God; there is no good money spent there. There are many other organizations that provide women's services that do not promote abortion and artificial birth control: many of which are abortifacients.


Bob Kirby

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