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Erhest Thomas wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • Why did God give us Covid 19: SARS-CoV-19 — the Coronavirus?

Erhest Thomas

  { Why did God give us Covid 19 (the Coronavirus)? }

Bob replied:

Dear Erhest,

It is difficult to say conclusively that God gave us Covid 19. What is easier to say is that God let it happen.

  • Why did God let us be subject to such an awful plague?

That is a question that is easier to imagine.

Throughout the Bible, God often allows his people to go through terrible plagues, famine, natural disasters and other afflictions (war is a big one), particularly when they have gone astray.

It is as though most of the time God is holding back the malicious force of evil from harming us, but when we throw God to the side, or start behaving badly on the whole, He says, Fine, have it your way; feel what the world would be like without me. We need God, but often, we forget that we need God, so experiencing what the world is like without God's grace is a painful but necessary lesson.

My personal opinion is that this world is so full of sin, so blind to the fundamental truths that God revealed to us, that there is little God can do but admonish us until we come to our senses. This chastisement is medicinal. It is meant to actually heal us, not hurt us. The body may perish, but the soul is what is necessary for Eternal Life. If we should lose our souls, both body and soul would perish forever in the fires of Hell. God does not want that for us. He has a life of beauty in Heaven in mind for all of us.

The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to three shepherd children at Fatima Portugal in 1917. (More)

Part of her message was a warning to the world, that we need to pray, do penance and turn to God. If we didn't, but continued to sin so grievously, God would have no choice but to send chastisements. Those chastisements are the effects of when God withdraws His protection.

Evil has its way. The devil has his way. satan is happy to take advantage of mankind and make us miserable. God will let that happen because He knows that many will wake up and return to Him and right living. We live in evil, so shall we live under the reign of evil.

So, in the midst of this crisis, we have a choice. Return to follow God, or make satan our king. More and more satan is trying to force the world into making all of us subject to Him.

This desperate attempt is by one who has already lost the great battle, but he is certainly not done. Until the Second Coming of Christ we will be subject to tribulations and difficulties that try our faith.

Make the right choice, proclaim the Kingship of Jesus Christ and live your life in accord with His law, His grace and His love.


Bob Kirby

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