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Mary Townson wrote:

Hi, guys —

I am having a hard time coping with the state of our country right now.

I must vote pro-life because, if you don't have a chance at life, all other issues are moot. I am saddened to see the rioting and looting that is going on again in Philly.

  • My question is what do you think Jesus would have to say about this and what would He do?
  • I understand that the media will say these people are poor, and have not had a fair chance at life but what would Jesus have us do?

I try to pray for those that are so mean and would willingly hurt or steal from others but it is difficult. I donate money to reliable charities and I have previously done a lot of volunteer work before COVID to try and help others but now, things have slowed way down for me.

  • In a nutshell, what would Jesus have us do to help this situation?

Thanks for your time and consideration,

God bless,


  { What would Jesus say and do about the state of our country and what would He want us to do? }

Bob replied:

Dear Mary,

Jesus would have no tolerance for what is happening with all this rioting and looting, stealing and murder. What is happening is against everything He taught. These actions have nothing to do with peaceful protest but everything to do with lawlessness, hate, envy, malice, anger, greed, vice and demonic agitation. This is flatly demonic.

The answer is to pray the Rosary everyday for our country and the souls of all these people who are being misled into these diabolical mobs.

Only the grace of God can deliver us from the wicked times we are living through. So for that end, pray and make some sacrifices each day, like fasting from something or performing some small penance.

These are the things that will save our country.


Bob Kirby

Mary replied:

Thank-you Bob!

I do pray the Rosary. I try to pray that people's hearts to change too. I will try a form of penance.

God bless. I guess I knew the answer in my heart. I see faith-filled and other Catholic people supporting this behavior and it shocks me so I question my stance on it.

I'm totally against it. I know Jesus would want us to be law abiding,

Thank-you and God bless,


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