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Posting date Questions
August 2020 What is sodomy and what if I want to go to Confession (for mortal sins) but my parents disallow it?
April 2020 Why does the Church focus on sin as a sin of commission when She should also focus on omission?
April 2020 How can we love "Being" and how can "Existence" talk to us or send the Only Begotten Son to us?
April 2020 Does the Church have a special definition for "fear" and how does the Catholic Church view fear?
January 2020 Why would a loving God allow a soul to suffer in Hell for all Eternity; what does the sufferer learn?
January 2020 What is feigned ignorance and what's the difference between knowledge and certain ignorance(s)?
January 2020 What happens to the spirit after death; is there an instant judgment or do we wait until the End?
January 2020 Does the Church or any theologian have any theories on what happens when an animal dies?
January 2020 Can you help me with my recent in-the-news struggles with the faith and the filioque issue?
January 2020 If a parent is a baptized Catholic and their child is not, if the child dies, where does (he|she) go?
January 2020 Can dying as an infant or dying after receiving one of the sacraments be the best way to go?
August 2019 If God knows those that will go to Hell, why did He still create them?
August 2019 Is being born the Original Sin?
August 2019 Where can this quote about 'taking reasonable care of one's health" be found in our Catholic faith?
August 2019 How does belief influence and challenge an individual's perceptions and world views?
August 2019 Why did the Church write the Catechism of the Church and what was the purpose of writing it?
August 2019 When we die, do our souls go to Heaven or do we go into a state of not knowing, like being asleep?
August 2019 What causes those blessings to go away and will sinning cause a blessing to go away?
August 2019 Could a person in an isolated spot, where there's no Catholic Church, have an eternal relationship?
April 2019 If science and historians can prove that past lives are real, why can't the Church accept them?
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