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Posting date Questions
January 2023  
January 2023  
August 2022 What exactly do you have to do to get invested into the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Brown Scapular?
April 2022 Do you know the veracity (validity) of the devotion: "A True Letter Of Our Savior Jesus Christ."?
April 2022 Can I fulfill Our Lady's requests for the five consecutive first Saturdays of the month at other Catholic parishes?
April 2022 Since I wasn't trying to pull it apart or anything, what does a broken Rosary symbolize?
April 2022 Are scapulars I bought blessed; we already blessed old ones; how do we properly bless all of them?
January 2022 So I can better understand her Catholic faith, what does the inscription on my Aunt's Cross mean?
January 2022 Are these blessed sacramental already considerd blessed or should I have a priest bless them?
January 2022 Is my closeness to God measured by the sincerity of my heart or doing these various activities?
April 2021 Can any priest bless the Saint Benedict crucifix for a happy death?
January 2021 Is it proper to offer a candle in the name of someone or for whatever prayer intention you have?
January 2021 Can you kindly send me a good quality metal Rosary to India since we have no income?
August 2020 What do Catholics do when entering the homes of other Catholics: do they respect an altar?
January 2020 Was this a normal prayer for prayer cards in 1961 and why would this specific prayer be on it?
January 2020 Can you tell me where Protestants get this prayer from and why don't Catholics say this prayer?
January 2020 What makes Holy Water, holy; and can you tell the difference between holy and normal tap water?
January 2020 Is it bad to wear a Saint Benedict's medal around you since you are attracting bad things to you?
August 2019 If there is foreign stuff in a Scapular with no image of Christ or any saint, is it from the Church?
August 2019 Is the practice of blessing with the left hand, instead of the right, something I should worry about?
April 2019 Do you know if this was really the first time a 15th Station of the Cross was created and used?
January 2019 Can you answer some questions about the Green Scapular and how I can receive the promises?
April 2018 What are the different seasons of the Catholic Church?
January 2018 Can you eat meat on Fridays if you are over age 65?
January 2018 Should I sing while fasting and what should I do if fasting for a beautiful voice doesn't work?
August 2017 Do you have to fast if you are over 55?
August 2017 Seeing we are Christians, why do Catholics talk about self-denial when God created us with a soul?
April 2017 Is it OK for a lay Catholic to wear a hair shirt as a form of mortification?
April 2017 Despite the spiritual attacks, should I press on with my fasting disciplines?
January 2017 Do you know the Church view on these questions seeing I'm thinking about joining the Church?
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