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Posting date Questions
January 2022 Do you have advice for my scrupulosity and my fears of being bound to promises I've made to God?
January 2022 Does the use of pain medication contradict my intention to participate in redemptive suffering?
January 2022 After trying some same-sex stuff as a teen, what state am I in and how can I get rid of this guilt?
August 2021 Is it ever acceptable to disown a parent and are there Bible passages that address this situation?
August 2021 Will these things I did in my youth be forgiven or will I be separated from the Lord forever?
August 2021 Why does God allow mental illness; doesn't He want us to live life abundantly?
August 2021 Who do I turn to and what is the mailing address for the Vatican office that handles this stuff?
August 2021 How do I handle the many aspects of a co-worker and her post-abortive, abusive situation?
August 2021 How should I live in a way that's pleasing to God since I'm dependent and can't become Catholic?
April 2021 Can you answer questions on your faith for an project where I have to interview a leader/minister?
April 2021 Is God sending me a sign based on my Caravaca cross always hanging this way from my neck?
April 2021 How I can discern between two people: one who's scrupulous with an illness, and one who's not?
April 2021 Should I confess masturbation as a mortal or venial sin, since I struggle with clinical depression?
April 2021 What or who can heal my younger nephew of his stomach cancer?
January 2021 Why was this perfect Catholic man who I met in Church, brought into my life yet taken away?
January 2021 If people have the ability to fix things in this world but wait for the Messiah, are they responsible?
January 2021 How can I excommunicate myself from the administrative ties of the Vatican II Catholic Church?
January 2021 Can help me grasp prayer and fasting and assist someone in spiritual warfare with the demonic?
January 2021 Is masturbation a very bad sin and can it be considered a mortal sin?
January 2021 What can I do if my father has stopped going to church and doesn't respect what I believe in?
January 2021 Can we wear sacramentals like the Rosary or a holy medal while sexually active or masturbating?
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