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Posting date Questions
January 2020 Should I consider giving to Planned Parenthood for its sex education and other non-abortion care?
January 2020 Who says the (Hebrew religion and God) is the right one and not the (Egyptian religions and gods)?
January 2020 Is this documentary accurate that Jesus was never crucified and that He married Mary Magdalene?
January 2020 What's the Church's view of soldiers killing people to defend our country in order to keep it safe?
January 2020 Why is Father James Martin allowed to perform his priestly duties while promoting homosexuality?
January 2020 Should I reconsider doing repairs to this Buddhist Temple now that I know they may be pagans?
August 2019 Is the an official representative of the Catholic Church and the Pope?
August 2019 If a person is mentally unfit and unstable; and commits a murder, is (he/she) condemned to Hell?
August 2019 What is your attitude on the Crusades; why would a Catholic justify it, and what is a holy war?
August 2019 How does a lapsed Catholic who has committed several drug crimes become more spiritual in jail?
August 2019 Is there truth to this article that the Jesus story is not true and it's just a retelling of other gods?
August 2019 Did the pre-Vatican II Church, really say eating meat on Friday was a mortal sin punishable by Hell?
August 2019 How should we respond to the claim that Jesus is described as a black person in Revelations 1:14?
April 2019 What is the Episcopal Vicar for Clergy and Consecrated Life?
April 2019 Why do Catholic priests repeatedly assault young kids and wasn't Jesus a Communist?
April 2019 Where do they get the population or number of Catholics that are reported worldwide each year?
April 2019 Was Jesus' cousin Judas Iscariot or Jude Thaddeus?
January 2019 What do the faithful Pittsburgh laity do at this time and why are priests repeating history?
January 2019 If a child is attending Catholic Grade School, does he have to attend CCD classes at our church?
January 2019 Did the Catholic Church persecute the Hugenots?
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