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Posting date Questions
January 2021 Can you answer some questions about your priesthood for a student at Don Bosco Technical?
January 2021 Be it Joe Biden or Fr. Martin, if one supports abortion, through acts or their silence, is that a sin?
January 2021 Will Catholics who faithfully practice the faith go to Hell if they put the country above God?
August 2020 Why did God give us Covid 19 (the Coronavirus)?
August 2020 If Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married, why would it be upsetting to Christians worldwide?
August 2020 How can the Vatican, lead by the pope, accompany us through the anxiety and fear of COVID 19?
August 2020 Is it easier to get to Heaven as a married Catholic with children or as a religious monk or nun?
August 2020 Can one be a layman monk and is it OK to follow aspects of a Buddhist monk's practice and life?
August 2020 What's your opinion of these three people: Bishop Baron, Dr. Taylor Marshall, and Michael Voris?
August 2020 What if I have feelings for Sister Mary from our Convent and I want her to run away with me?
April 2020 What is the Catholic Church's point of view of the 'Signs and Wonders for Our Times' magazine?
January 2020 Should I consider giving to Planned Parenthood for its sex education and other non-abortion care?
January 2020 Who says the (Hebrew religion and God) is the right one and not the (Egyptian religions and gods)?
January 2020 Is this documentary accurate that Jesus was never crucified and that He married Mary Magdalene?
January 2020 What's the Church's view of soldiers killing people to defend our country in order to keep it safe?
January 2020 Why is Father James Martin allowed to perform his priestly duties while promoting homosexuality?
January 2020 Should I reconsider doing repairs to this Buddhist Temple now that I know they may be pagans?
August 2019 Is the an official representative of the Catholic Church and the Pope?
August 2019 If a person is mentally unfit and unstable; and commits a murder, is (he/she) condemned to Hell?
August 2019 What is your attitude on the Crusades; why would a Catholic justify it, and what is a holy war?
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