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Posting date Questions
April 2014 How could the Pope excommunicate Bruce, if he had been absolved for murder and sacrilege?
April 2014 How do I refute Anti-Catholic attacks about the Holy Inquisition and Bible burning?
April 2014 How could the Church speak of great theological problems but not even accept heliocentrism?
January 2014 Were Pope Formosus' ordinations valid and is a pope infallible when declaring invalid Holy Orders?
August 2013 Did Our Lord re-populate the world after the flood and were there more that survived?
August 2013 Did Martin Luther receive the sacrament of Confession before he died on his death bed?
August 2013 Was there ever a female Pope or is it a legend, cover-up, or just badly chronicled history?
April 2013 How did each of the Twelve Apostles die?
April 2013 Can you tell me about the gospel of Thomas?
January 2013 Why did Catholic priests in World War II lead in the mass murder of these people?
January 2013 What documentation do we have to prove December 25th is Jesus' Birthday?
January 2013 Can you help me find theories that explain the link between pagan beliefs and Christianity?
August 2012 Why did Jesus choose the exact time He did, to be born?
August 2012 Do you think there is a possibility that pagan gods/spirits were actually misidentified angels?
April 2012 How did the Cross come to be the logo or symbol of Christianity and could it have been an X?
April 2012 What do you know about the terrible period in history known as the Inquisition?
April 2012 When was the first Lent on record practiced in the Catholic Church?
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