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Anonymous James wrote:

Hi, guys —

Luke 16:18 says he who marries a woman divorced from her husband commits adultery.

  • How is Joe Biden apparently a Catholic in good standing when he married a divorced woman (whose prior marriage was never annulled)?

Anonymous James

  { How is Joe Biden a good Catholic when he married a divorced woman without an annulment? }

Eric replied:


That Joe Biden is a Catholic in good standing is a purely fictional narrative spun by the mainstream media for purposes of whitewashing him and getting him elected.

Admittedly, no one has issued a decree announcing that he is not in good standing, but that is not how the Church works. Generally, whether someone is in good standing with the Church is manifest by their own actions.


Bob replied:

Dear James,

Thanks for the question.

Joe Biden's marital validity is probably a small thing (still serious sin) compared to his more grave abortion advocacy, which is a sin that cries out to Heaven. There are many issues that should have Joe Biden admonished, if not excommunicated by the bishops, (for example he officiated a homosexual wedding), yet we still hear silence.

Sadly, many bishops support Joe Biden, and they have sold their souls over for a political agenda. About 45% of the USCCB revenue for immigration-related social services comes from the US government so the marriage of political interests is much more than a conflict of interest, but a serious compromise of Catholic orthodoxy.

The voices from the episcopate willing to publicly call out Biden on his radical abortion platform (including denial of religious freedom for religious Institutions that don't want to fund it in their health care plans) are few and far between. This is why the Catholic faithful suffer so much confusion. The leadership: 1.) isn't there, or 2.) is going the wrong way.

We must pray for priests and bishops; satan is attacking heavily these days and only penance and prayer can reverse these awful scandals.


Bob Kirby

Mike replied:

Dear James —

You said:

  • How is Joe Biden apparently a Catholic in good standing when he married a divorced woman (whose prior marriage was never annulled)?

I'm not sure where you got the idea that Joe Biden is a Catholic in good standing.

He is not! Period!

In life, we all have to make decisions on the question:

  • Which mass media outlets are truthful sources and which ones are not (or worst, which are covering important issues up by not reporting them)?

One could ignore all (local and national mass) media but then we would miss important life issues we need to know for self-preservation and health.

I don't consider: CNN, MS-NBC, ABC, CBS, or NBC new outlets but Democratic propaganda outlets with FOX NEWS in the process of turning into one.

There have been many times I have had to correct Fox News prime time hosts who distort what we believe as Catholics. (There are at least two postings correcting Bill O'Reilly for on-air statements he had made when he was on the airways, nationwide, @ Fox.)

Recently I've also had to correct Sean Hannity on a statement related to the question you have asked us.

I hope my reply to Sean helps to clear up the Catholic view.


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