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Bill Radjewski wrote:

Hi, guys —

My question is in regards to a specific prayer technique called kything.

I help out with the RCIA group at my local parish. One night, the discussion was about prayer, and the nun who was giving the talk discussed kything. She said it was being able to transfer your God energy to another person, or absorbing their God energy. I come from an awfully liberal parish and this prayer technique seems very New Age to me.

  • Could you please clear up the legitimacy of this prayer technique, in regards to Church teaching and practice?

It would be greatly appreciated,

Bill Radjewski

  { Can you tell me the validity of the prayer technique called kything according to Catholic teaching? }

John replied:

Hi, Bill —

Thanks for the question.

In short, this is not Catholic. Report it to the pastor. If he does nothing, report it to your bishop. If nothing changes, you should find another parish.

This nonsense is in fact New Age heresy.

John DiMascio

Mike replied:

Hi, Bill —

I second John's comments. The following was taken from Flame Ministries International which is
a group based out of Australia. They seem to be loyal to the Magisterium:

Kything Prayer.

This is a way of calling up another person's spirit to enter you, so that you can use their energy and gifts for yourself. You can also let others "centre" into your spirit to call your spirit to them. You can do this with saints as well as others who are dead and it's all done in the name of Christian Prayer. Not only that, the Enneagram, from which it comes, is the face of Jesus, according to Fr. Richard Rhor.

In secular marketing, it is an offense to produce "false and misleading" advertising.

The fines are heavy, often as much as $60,000 + in Australia. Yet in the "Spiritual Fast Food Market", it seems only too acceptable and without censure. In this market, they can sell any product manufactured by another company (in this case Sufism), wrap it in your packaging (Christianity), and sell it off as a genuine product.

These protagonists get away with it, because your company's packaging has a "Good" reputation and has been in business for 2000 years: They are guaranteed a best seller every time. This is especially successful if they can convince the Company Executives (Bishops), because the shareholders and members (Congregations), apart from the public, will believe anything they tell them. It will then be easier to convince them that the "Company Founder" (Jesus) intended it in His Last Will and Testament (Bible) in the first place.

After all, the Company Executives have been trained as "Executors" of His Will, and the members have probably not read it anyway, let alone understood it. They will easily accept what is said without asking too many questions. But, just in case, they say as little as possible, and inform them that it has been "Christianized". This should keep them happy while they have a little taste to see how good it is. They will then feast merrily to their hearts content. By the time they get their teeth into it, they will have discarded the packaging, absorbed the contents and, viola! Another one bites the dust!

Let's not just take my word for it.

Let's look at what Sr. Barbara Metz, S.N.D. de N. and Fr. John Burchill, O.P. say in their book, "The enneagram and prayer." (Appendix 3, pages 108, 109, 110) and decide for yourself.

After quoting the Jesus Prayer that we may all be one in Him, and how He and the Father would make their home in the us who keep His Word in John 17: 21, and John 14: 23, the "Christian Packaging" is discarded and the true nature of the contents are revealed, saying,

This kind of connection at a deep level can also be found in the relationships between human person's, and for this reason, Kything can be a valuable practice for persons when they are feeling compelled or under some particular stress which seems overwhelming.

Note that this is not about the prayer that Jesus spoke of previously, but that which is between human and human, i.e. God doesn't come into it at all. The writer continues, "Kything is an activity that brings about a communion at the level of the spirit."

Now this is a beaut' copy line guaranteed to attract Christians who are hungrily looking for spiritual food.

But, what communion, and what spirit is it referring to? The next two sentences reveal it. "It involves focusing your spiritual presence in another person or their presence in you. When we Kythe with another person, at the level of the spirit with all of its energy and giftedness, we can share in their energies and giftedness." Another name for this practice, Kything is called, Centering Prayer. It is clear that this is not what Jesus was referring to, and it also ignores the Biblical truth that, "Every good and perfect gift comes from above, coming down from the Father of lights." (James 1: 7) Now we are seeing the subtle introduction of four Key "Christian" words, "communion", "spirit", "gifts" and "union." Also, notice the word "in". According to Burchill and Metz you can have another person's spirit in you rather than being filled with the Holy Spirit and His Gifts, which is the authentic source of true Christian prayer.

Well, if this isn't enough to alert the discerning consumer to a major spiritual problem, I don't know what is!

Kudos to the people at Flame Ministries.


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