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The AskACatholic Team highly recommend these podcasts. There are various phone apps or computer apps for people to use. The easiest way, that doesn't involve a special app, is YouTube.

April 2023 What is the most recent version of the Catholic Bible; has the latest version been published and where can I purchase one?
April 2023 Can you tell me why these Scripture passages in the Apocryphal books are contradicted in the New Testament?
April 2023 Can you help me reply to these arguments that support Sola Scriptura and argue against a need for a Teaching Authority?
April 2023 From the passage in Psalm 126:6: Who are "they" and why are they weeping to be sowing seed?
April 2023 In Genesis chapters two and three, what is the significance of planting the garden "in the East"?
January 2023 Does the Seventh Commandment mean it is a sin to kill even bugs?
January 2023 How would I reply to a Protestant view, that Catholic miracles are false signs as noted in 2 Thessalonians?
January 2023 What's your opinion of this sentence in the Gospel and, in context, what is the Biblical meaning of this passage?
January 2023 If we have gone to Confession, how can we be judged for every careless word as Matthew 12 states?
January 2023 How do I reply to a claim that the Church is satanic due to what's stated in Second Corinthians; and were the Early Church documents corrupted?
January 2023 Does Matthew 24:24 imply that we can be deceived?
January 2023 What does 1 Corinthians 3:13 mean and does 1 Corinthians 3:15 allude to Purgatory?
January 2023 Are these new guidelines for (who can receive Communion in this situation)? . . . I feel it conflicts with Biblical teaching.
August 2022 Could Adam and Eve have committed a venial sin and not have received the punishment of death?
August 2022 Does "Commandments" refer to the Old Testament Commandments or the Commandments of God as in the Catechism and canons of the Council of Trent?
August 2022 Can you answer some questions on the Holy Spirit and how it was received by the Apostles and how it is received by us?
August 2022 Were there people in Heaven prior to Jesus dying since the gates of Heaven were closed?
August 2022 What does "authentically interpreting" mean?; does it mean only the Church can interpret the Scriptures?
August 2022 If it is OK, if you have a good intent to get a tattoo, why would God say not to get a tattoo?
August 2022 For the Mystery of Faith, if Colossians says one thing, why does the Mass say something different?
April 2022 Are pyramids referenced in the Bible?
April 2022 Are Catholics the only ones who believe the Bible is not the last authority or are there others?
April 2022 Is what this Atheist said about the Bible true?; also, who wrote the Bible? and how has it changed?
January 2022 Why do these Gospels add "mind" to the Shema; isn't the "mind" our consciousness, spirt, and soul?
January 2022 Can you explain Revelation 3:14 where Jesus calls Himself, "The beginning of the creation of God"?
January 2022 If it's written, "you are dust, and to dust you shall return", why do we believe in the Resurrection?
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