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Questions on Relationships and Marriage situations.
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Posting date Questions
April 2023 Now that I've converted, is our marriage still valid and is my participation in this non-traditional ceremony allowed??
April 2023 Am I still considered married to her and what advice do you have for my current marital situation?
April 2023 As a non-Catholic Christian father, who wants to support his son receiving the sacraments, how do I explain, why I'm not Catholic?
April 2023 As a non-Catholic Christian, how do I apply for an annulment or does this even apply to my situation?
April 2023 Since we now have these physical limitations, via a vasectomy and a hysterectomy, can I climax with my wife through fellatio?
January 2023

If a marriage partner turned out to be a sibling, can the Catholic marriage be canceled, since they don't accept divorce?

January 2023 What Canon laws ban a father from walking his daughter down the aisle of his daughter's Baptist wedding?
August 2022 Can a husband be guilty of adultery in his heart (in these situations) when keeping another woman?
August 2022 If we were both previously married to unbaptized non-believers would we each need an annulment?
April 2022 Is my discovery that my husband's been having an affair with a prostitute cause for an annulment?
April 2022 Can I become baptized as a Catholic without his previous marriages becoming annulled?
April 2022 Was his marriage to her valid given that, in the eyes of the Church, she was not free to marry?
April 2022 Would the fact this woman was employed by the archdiocese fast track my annulment process?
April 2022 What are the implications for my wife returning to the Church and for the validity of our marriage?
January 2022 Would it be a sin to deny sexual relations to your spouse except for fasting, prayer or illness?
January 2022 Since she doesn't go to Mass with mom, can she go to Communion or should she go to Confession?
January 2022 If the diocese can't find a baptismal record, how do I prove I'm Catholic for the marriage tribunal?
January 2022 Can you tell me what we need to do in order to have our marriage recognized by the Church?
January 2022 Can a practicing Catholic allow a couple married by a Justice of the Peace to sleep in their house?
August 2021 In this case, should a divorce happen and will she be free to marry another Catholic in the Church?
August 2021 With this marital history, is it forbidden to marry in the Church again . . "(if not, I won't see him)"?
August 2021 Do I still need an annulment even though my ex-spouse has already remarried?
April 2021 Is there any way she can divorce her husband, live with me, and still feel right with the Church?
April 2021 Is there any way around this so I can practice my faith fully or do I have to end this relationship?
January 2021 Now that her Pro-Life views have completely changed what should I do, and can I fix our marriage?
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