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Posting date Questions
August 2022 Is it possible to have several patron saints for one job and is there a true patron among flight attendants?
April 2022 Can you recommend a saint or Marian title I can pray to so I'll have all I need for my Michigan trip?
April 2022 How come only some saints are canonized and is it rare for souls to go straight to Heaven?
January 2022 Does Simon of Cyrene in Matthew 27:32 have any level of veneration within the Catholic Church?
January 2022 Can you suggest a prayer to a Saint that helps me cope with my wife's teeth and weight issues?
January 2022 How can we know that Catholic Saints are in Heaven with God?
August 2021 Is there an official patron saint for the conversion of sinners in the Church; St. Hubert maybe?
April 2021 Seeing that according to St. Thomas, Enoch and Elias did not die, is it permitted to pray to them?
April 2021 Would praying a novena to two different saints, for the same intent, show a lack of trust in one?
April 2021 How do we reply to critics who say that St. Thomas More should not have been canonized?
April 2020 Does anyone know of texts that talk about St. Dimas and why isn't his feast day on Good Friday?
April 2020 Are there any other sources that date the martyrdom of St. Stephen beyond the traditional date?
January 2020 What is the difference between these patron saints of firefighters and which one is more relevant?
January 2020 Why was St. Patrick never canonized, and since he wasn't, why is he the patron Saint of Ireland?
August 2019 Do I need proof to return since the parish burnt down and records were lost and who is Saint Uriel?
August 2019 What do we mean when we say St. Joseph is our protector on Earth and advocate in Heaven?
August 2019 Can you explain why St. Lucy is the patron saint of salesmen?
April 2018 Can you clarify what you meant when you told Jolene, Saints have no special powers?
April 2018 If Catholics pray for intercessions of the saints, why don't they pray for the intercession of angels?
April 2018 Who needs the Church if Jesus is our One Mediator and why pray to Mary and the other saints?
April 2018 Do Catholics pray to saints and, if so, does that mean Christ isn't the highest authority?
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