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Posting date Questions
August 2022 Has Ukraine brought these evils upon themselves, and if it's God's wrath, who are we to interfere?
August 2022 Seeing that I can't find Scriptural references for the Rapture other than this, is the Rapture real?
August 2022 What's up with Catholic priests wearing black robes and pretending like they never have sex?
August 2022 Can you help me understand the numerous citations from the Early Church Fathers from your other site?
August 2022 Can you help me understand how there ever was a first human due to the gradual nature of evolution?
August 2022 Is it a sin not to attend a week long church camp if you think you aren't going to enjoy it?
August 2022 What is the Church's view of a millennial reign of Christ when He returns, before the Final Judgment?
April 2022 What do we make of a Pew poll saying 70% of Catholics think you don't need to believe in God?
April 2022 Should I continue to read books and keep the works of H.G. Wells or should I reject them?
April 2022 Can military people who think they are doing God's will be forgiven and can they still do their job?
April 2022 What does the Church believe about the Antioch movement churches, their practices, and beliefs?
April 2022 How can a Catholic formally leave the Church and be considered a non-Catholic by their records?
April 2022 Do we pay for the sins of our fathers or grandfathers and can we ever get too much Catholic radio, T.V., and Apologetics?
January 2022 What about Dr. Marshall and can a Catholic be a traditionalist Catholic without denying Vatican II?
January 2022 Should Catholics believe Catholic prophets and seer who prophesy End Time events?
January 2022 Can you help us understand the controversial incident of canonizing a pope who is in Hell?
January 2022 How do I respond to a non-Catholic friend who is telling me that the Catholic Church is pagan?
January 2022 How does the Church justify sending known pedophiles to other parishes to continue to say Mass?
January 2022 What is the difference between Catholics and Christians and is re-Baptism needed for a new start?
January 2022 Is a religious priest (not a diocesan priest) allowed to keep gold jewelry?
January 2022 Being that I am a Catholic, is it really a bad idea to learn about the Supreme Mathematics?
January 2022 Can CCD be taught 100% at home by the parents if their child has a learning or other disability?
January 2022 Where can a Shia Muslim preacher who has converted to Christianity get protection and more?
August 2021 Should I be concerned about how my vocation to be a fiction writer could affect my Catholic faith?
August 2021 Is my profound and abiding hatred for these Democratic politicians a mortal sin?n
August 2021 What are the implications of a Catholic working for a company that's committing tax evasion?
August 2021 Why do people hold there's no religion and that only science shows "proof" God isn't real and . . . ?
August 2021 Can non-Christians receive Communion if visiting a parish and, if not, what is the substitute?
August 2021 Since it is a higher vocation, will those who are priests and religious get a higher level of sanctity?
August 2021 Why does the Church let those, like Joe Biden, receive Holy Communion and what will they do?
August 2021 Why would a loving and merciful God condemn everybody due to Adam and Eve's sins?
April 2021 If Biden were to undo Trump's Pro-life actions, would he just be unwelcome or excommunicated?
April 2021 Can a Catholic believe in the death penalty without being a heretic?
April 2021 Where was God when people of faith, working under the auspices of the Church, acted this way?
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