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Posting date Questions
April 2024 Does the recognition by the Church of the stigmata imply the sacrifice of Calvary was insufficient?
April 2024 My priest said the whole story of Jonah was fictional; does that mean the Gospels are fictional?
April 2024 Why would God choose the Israelites and show favoritism to them over other people?
April 2024 What am I to do when an Episcopalian is leading us in prayer as they aren't Catholic priests?
January 2024 Can you please provide me with the "word-for-word" Vow of Poverty that is taken by monks?
January 2024 Is my mother being punished with early-onset Alzheimer's; where's her soul; and why did this happen to such an amazing person??
January 2024 Is the word "retreat" a Catholic word?; the word is used for a devotional meeting.
January 2024 Are the writings of Xavier Reyes Ayral justified by the Catholic Church and are his YouTube's OK to listen to?
January 2024 Was the first schism between the Ascetics and Catholics and are the Ascetics of today, the Messianic Jews?
January 2024 Does the notion that (the works of Washington and Jefferson were nullified) have any merit?; they were slaveholders.
August 2023 What are the stipulations and expectations of a new mother if they wish to join a convent as a nun?
August 2023 Can a priest bless some oil to make it holy and what type of oil does it have to be? — I am prepping for the "3 Days of Darkness".
August 2023 During the Three Days of Darkness, could a blessed olive oil lamp be used instead of a blessed beeswax candle?
August 2023 Why should humans that are not born into ideal environments continue to live?; after all, they are not part of God's plan.
August 2023 Is there anything wrong or even unadvisable in buying a Roland digital piano that features "ZEN-Core" sound technology?
August 2023 Is it a sin to buy products or own stock from companies who pay for travel expenses for employees seeking an abortion?
April 2023 Are there any rules or guidelines for using Catholic symbols and art or (for using the name "Catholic") in my new clothing brand?
April 2023 When did the 3-year Eucharistic Revival officially begin?
April 2023 With my educational background, how do I become a (CICA) Catholic Internet Catechist and Apologist on the web?
April 2023 Are there any resources which expand upon exactly how the Church sees Herself as the New Israel or Spiritual Israel?
April 2023 How should a Catholic respond to Erich von Däniken's book on alien life and his reinterpretation of biblical texts?
January 2023 Are we allowed to organize a retreat, with a conservative priest, without the OK of our liberal parish priest?
January 2023 Is it a sin to listen to sermons or advice from other Christian preachers who are not Catholic?
January 2023 In light of the anti-Catholic history of our country, should we be proud to be an Americans and should we honor revolutionaries?
January 2023 What are the requirements for a secular exorcist to become a Catholic exorcist and how does one apply for the job?
August 2022 Has Ukraine brought these evils upon themselves, and if it's God's wrath, who are we to interfere?
August 2022 Seeing that I can't find Scriptural references for the Rapture other than this, is the Rapture real?
August 2022 What's up with Catholic priests wearing black robes and pretending like they never have sex?
August 2022 Can you help me understand the numerous citations from the Early Church Fathers from your other site?
August 2022 Can you help me understand how there ever was a first human due to the gradual nature of evolution?
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