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Posting date Questions
April 2023 Are there any rules or guidelines for using Catholic symbols and art or (for using the name "Catholic") in my new clothing brand?
April 2023 When did the 3-year Eucharistic Revival officially begin?
April 2023 With my educational background, how do I become a (CICA) Catholic Internet Catechist and Apologist on the web?
April 2023 Are there any resources which expand upon exactly how the Church sees Herself as the New Israel or Spiritual Israel?
April 2023 How should a Catholic respond to Erich von Däniken's book on alien life and his reinterpretation of biblical texts?
January 2023 Are we allowed to organize a retreat, with a conservative priest, without the OK of our liberal parish priest?
January 2023 Is it a sin to listen to sermons or advice from other Christian preachers who are not Catholic?
January 2023 In light of the anti-Catholic history of our country, should we be proud to be an Americans and should we honor revolutionaries?
January 2023 What are the requirements for a secular exorcist to become a Catholic exorcist and how does one apply for the job?
August 2022 Has Ukraine brought these evils upon themselves, and if it's God's wrath, who are we to interfere?
August 2022 Seeing that I can't find Scriptural references for the Rapture other than this, is the Rapture real?
August 2022 What's up with Catholic priests wearing black robes and pretending like they never have sex?
August 2022 Can you help me understand the numerous citations from the Early Church Fathers from your other site?
August 2022 Can you help me understand how there ever was a first human due to the gradual nature of evolution?
August 2022 Is it a sin not to attend a week long church camp if you think you aren't going to enjoy it?
August 2022 What is the Church's view of a millennial reign of Christ when He returns, before the Final Judgment?
April 2022 What do we make of a Pew poll saying 70% of Catholics think you don't need to believe in God?
April 2022 Should I continue to read books and keep the works of H.G. Wells or should I reject them?
April 2022 Can military people who think they are doing God's will be forgiven and can they still do their job?
April 2022 What does the Church believe about the Antioch movement churches, their practices, and beliefs?
April 2022 How can a Catholic formally leave the Church and be considered a non-Catholic by their records?
April 2022 Do we pay for the sins of our fathers or grandfathers and can we ever get too much Catholic radio, T.V., and Apologetics?
January 2022 What about Dr. Marshall and can a Catholic be a traditionalist Catholic without denying Vatican II?
January 2022 Should Catholics believe Catholic prophets and seer who prophesy End Time events?
January 2022 Can you help us understand the controversial incident of canonizing a pope who is in Hell?
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