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Posting date Questions
April 2024 Can you provide some information on the strange paintings and construction I was shown?
April 2024 Do you have any tips for someone who wants to join the Church, despite a non-religious family?
April 2024 What should I do about this brazen behavior among a homosexual couple right in front of my family us at Mass?
April 2024 Can a Christian who left the faith and performed a Black Mass, return to the faith and find forgiveness?
January 2024 Is it possible for a Chaldean Catholic to remove their name from the rite they were was baptized in and register in the Roman Rite?
January 2024 As a couple currently living together who wish to both become Catholic, where do we start in lieu of my marital background?
August 2023 Based on our marital history, If I became Catholic, would our marriage be recognized?
August 2023 Since I forgot my Baptismal candle and had to share one with a fellow catechumen, is my Baptism still valid?
August 2023 Do you have any advice for how Catholics can share their desire for the faith with a spouse or partner who isn't fond of religion?
August 2023 What should I do If I'm a Christian with Catholic beliefs who prays at home, watches EWTN, but can't get to Church for Mass?
August 2023 Since my only intent was to get married and not convert to the Muslim faith, do I now have to be rebaptized to be a Catholic?
April 2023 Will I be accepted back to the Church despite the severity of my sins and what's needed to fully be accepted back and receive the Eucharist?
April 2023 How does one address the Blessed Virgin in prayer and is there a certain grace imparted if one uses a specific form of address?
January 2023 Can you show a Muslim how to be embraced by the Catholic Church by being officially baptized?
January 2023 I want to join the Catholic faith; How do I start this process as an adult male, age 27-30, coming from the Latter-Day Saints?
January 2023 I need to go to Confession but when I had my Confirmation, did that remove my sins, and other sins prior to Confirmation?
August 2022 Seeing that I'm thinking about returning to the Church, do you have any idea why I am getting emotional in these situations?
August 2022 Should I convert if I can't get to RCIA since I work away from home and can't get to Church?
August 2022 If we were both previously married to unbaptized non-believers would we each need an annulment?
August 2022 Can you provide advice on how to deal with this family-faith situation; I just want to be a good mother?
April 2022 How can my Catholic girlfriend and I get past our different beliefs on certain religious issues?
April 2022 What are the implications for my wife returning to the Church and for the validity of our marriage?
January 2022 I'm considering converting to the Church but have one question: What is Western Orthodoxy?
January 2022 Where can a Shia Muslim preacher who has converted to Christianity get protection and more?
August 2021 How does a 16-year-old non-Christian become a Catholic; what's the process and when can I join?
August 2021 Can you help me finish the task of becoming Catholic by leading me to an English-speaking priest?
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