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Posting date Questions
April 2024 As a a Catholic apologist, how to I rebut or refute the statement, “But God made me trans.”?
April 2024 By what name do I refer to a male schoolmate of mine who wants to be called by a female name?
April 2024 What can I do about this brazen behavior among a gay couple right in front of my family at Mass?
January 2024 I'm an atheist thinking about practicing a religion; what's your opinion on this?; should I break up and how do you pray?
January 2024 How do I refer to "Ethan", a man, in the workplace who goes by the name "Luci" without breaking Catholic teaching?
April 2023 Can you help on some disputed topics and how do we know the passage about homosexuality is moral law and not judicial law?
August 2022 Why does the Church fuel a hatred of the LGBTQ community instead of guiding Catholics to live like Jesus?
January 2022 After trying some same-sex stuff as a teen, what state am I in and how can I get rid of this guilt?
August 2021 Is reading erotic stuff a mortal sin; and, if so, did I commit a sin by receiving before confessing?
August 2021 Will God grant me a new mind and heart by destroying my past sexual nature and save me?
January 2021 Do you know the Church's viewpoint on asexuality (having no sexual attraction to a partner)?
January 2021 How can Pope Francis endorse giving blessings to same-sex unions against the Holy Word of God?
January 2021 Could you speak on the effect of Pope Francis' words (on the issue of gay civil unions) on Catholics?
August 2020 Can you provide advice on how a gay man addicted to watching gay porn can break this habit?
August 2020 Is hugging and kissing one of the same sex a sin and if they have relations will they be forgiven?
April 2020 Can you provide some guidance for a teenage Catholic with confusing, mixed sexual thoughts?
January 2020 Which is worse: straight porn or gay porn and how do I stop browsing this on-line stuff?
January 2020 Is it OK to dance vogue despite of the homosexual origins of this dance style?
January 2020 Can a convert from Buddhism with a homosexual history be considered for the religious life?
January 2020 Why is Father James Martin allowed to perform his priestly duties while promoting homosexuality?
January 2019 What should I think about transgender people?
August 2018 Am I trapped in the wrong-gendered body because I'm being punished for something in a past life?
August 2018 As Catholics, how can we argue against the LGBT community without mentioning religion?
August 2018 If I want to follow God, should I just force myself to be straight?
April 2018 Can you answer some questions on the interpretation of Leviticus 18:22 and its translation?
April 2018 Does the Church recognize homosexual marriage and can homosexuals get married in the Church?
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