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Posting date Questions
April 2023 How should a Catholic respond to Erich von Däniken's book on alien life and his reinterpretation of biblical texts?
April 2023 Is it morally permissible to play the video game, "Phasmophobia" since it uses "cursed items" like Ouija boards, voodoo dolls, etc?
January 2023 Although I have seen an exorcist over 10 years ago, should I be concerned that I'm still seeing this?
January 2023 Is a Catholic allowed to practice Zen Buddhist meditation, and partake in the Buddhist, "Refuge of the Three Jewels" ceremony?
January 2023 What are the requirements for a secular exorcist to become a Catholic exorcist and how does one apply for the job?
April 2022 Do I have an obligation to tell my priest about a fellow Catholic who is also a Freemason?
January 2022 What are these other non-Catholic voices talking about and is my understanding of a soul correct?
January 2022 Being that I am a Catholic, is it really a bad idea to learn about the Supreme Mathematics?
April 2021 Is there a Catholic view of these verses (used by Seventh-Day Adventists to disprove our faith)?
January 2021 Is it OK for us to address various gods, calling them by their names and can I acknowledge them?
January 2021 Why doesn't the Catholic Church warn about the dangers of psilocybin/shrooms?
January 2021 What advice do you have for some newlyweds who believe they may be haunted by demons?
August 2020 Can you explain 'the little horn' in SDA eschatology and did the Church cause the fall of these guys?
August 2020 Is my Baptism valid, is there any harm in getting baptized again, and is my resurrection at stake?
April 2020 After this guilty mistake, should I tell these students what I agreed with, was wrong, now or later?
January 2020 Was this mystical event that happened with my statue of the Infant of Prague, of God or the devil?
August 2019 When administering Baptism, is it valid if one is baptized "in the name of the 'Holy Ghost'"?
January 2019 If I have wizardry in my family will I still be saved by Christ and is this a good Catholic community?
April 2017 What's the Church's view on Mindful Meditation and why are Buddhist techniques in our schools?
January 2017 Can someone find your guardian angel's name and talk to them or is this some kind of scam?
January 2017 Is it wrong for a Catholic speak to Mormon missionaries to find out where we agree and disagree?
April 2016 Can you please tell me about Jehovah Witnesses and give me some study suggestions?
January 2015 Have I committed the Unforgivable Sin by becoming a Wiccan?
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