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Posting date Questions
August 2022 Can you answer some questions in three areas where the Catholic Church is obviously wrong?
August 2020 In Church history, when has the Church canceled Mass or offered a dispensation from attendance?
August 2020 In the history of Catholicism, has anyone ever fasted or sacrificed by not receiving the Eucharist?
August 2018 Seeing John was called 'John the Baptist', were the first Christians actually Baptists?
April 2018 Besides the Bible, where can I find historical evidence that Jesus walked and preached on Earth?
April 2017 Can you suggest reading: on Heavenly visions and their connection to world events and; on angels?
January 2016 Are these Johnny-come-lately teachings that were not held by the Early Church Fathers?
January 2016 What did the Church follow before the Catechism and how did She know the Catholic ways?
January 2016 Does the Catholic Church teach the sames teachings as the churches of Philadelphia and Smyrna?
June 2015 Is Saint Basil the Great referring to Saint Gregory of Neocaesarea or some other Gregory?
January 2015 Can you suggest a source for Jewish Messianic texts preached from rabbi's or rabbinic schools?
January 2015 What are the names of the Magi or three Wise Men?
August 2014 Can you provide total proof that it was God that changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday?
August 2014 How does knowledge in these fields and history help you understand and live the Gospel message?
August 2014 Why do so many people say that Jesus began His public ministry in 4 B.C.?
August 2014 Why was the phrase descended into Hell added to one Creed and not to the other Creed?
August 2014 Do we have any record of what occurred during the 40 days before Jesus' Ascension and . . . ?
August 2014 Can you reply to some questions on the Reformation, the Eucharist, and Protestant pastors?
April 2014 Was "Jesus" a commonly used name in his time or was it unique to Our Lord and was He multi-lingual?
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