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Brady Wieland wrote:

Mike —

  • Why can't we be part of the Catholic Church without going so far as to say the Church is infallible in its teachings?
  • Why is the Infallibility of the Church a necessary aspect of the Church's teaching?



  { Why is the infallibility of the Church a necessary aspect of the Church's teaching? }

Mike replied:

Hi Brady,

Because Our Blessed Lord wished to establish a visible Church on a visible man so that people would be able to visibly distinguish True Teachings from false ones.

Remember, infallibility is a negative safeguard, not a positive one.

It does not mean the Popes:

  • when teaching on faith [and/or] morals will say the best thing.
  • are sinless. They probably goes to Confession weekly like John Paul II did.
  • private opinion on a secular subject will always be correct.

What it does mean is that he will be [guided/protected] by the Holy Spirit from saying anything that is not the mind of Christ Himself on issues of faith [and/or] morals on official Church Teachings, or doctrines.

To my knowledge there is only one Church that claims to be the One, True Church of Christ that can also trace it's historical roots back to 33 A.D. That is why being part of the Church is important to any practicing Christian. Because there is only one infallible Church that the
Holy Spirit is protecting and has been protecting: the Roman Catholic Church.

  • Make sense?


Mary Ann replied:

Hi, Brady —

If the Church itself were not infallible in its fundamental teachings, then that would mean it could be mistaken.

  • Who could say which teachings were mistaken and which were not?

Anyone could say any of the teachings were mistaken, as the Protestants did. Then we, just like our Protestant brethren, would get the tens of thousands of other combinations of teachings that bring about other denominations. We would not know the Truth Christ wants us to know.

It would also mean Christ was either lying or mistaken when he promised the Apostles that the Spirit would lead them into all Truth.

Mary Ann

John replied:


It's actually pretty simple. Think of it this way. If you believe in the Bible and you believe it is inerrant, then you have to believe that the books in the Bible all belong there, and that no books were left out.

  • Right?
  • Well, who decided what books belonged in the Bible and which ones didn't?

It was the Catholic Church during the Councils of Hippo and Carthage at the end of the 4th century.

  • That said, if the Church is not infallible in matters of doctrines, how can you trust that same Church which chose which books belonged in the Bible, and which ones didn't?


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