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Posting date Questions
April 2024 Does the Church believe in the burning of heretics as it did in the time of Leo X??
April 2024 Was my inappropriate message on Instagram to an online Muslim, a venial or, mortal sin?
April 2024 Is there a proper way to bury the remains of my blessed pet; I have her ashes in a container?
April 2024 As Catholics, when we pray the St. Michael prayer, are we praying to an angel?
January 2024 I am sorry for this cheating, and I want to move on with my life, but do I have to admit these faults to others and the colleges?
January 2024 Are Catholics allowed to give a permitted respectable social gesture to Genghis Kahn, with no religious inference?
January 2024 How do I know God is talking to me when he says "Listen and you will know what to do."?
January 2024 Is it a sin, or sinful, to vocalize, "O My Lord" when expressing astonishment in the same manner as, "O, My Gosh" or "Dag gone"?
January 2024 Can a Catholic defend with deadly force (his/her) home from intrusion or theft or (his/her) children or spouse from harm?
January 2024 What should I do if I'm a muscular bodybuilder who likes my grey sweatpants; how do I figure out if I'm sinning against modesty?
January 2024 Are anger outbursts sinful?; Did I sin in a serious matter? and can I still receive Communion or do I need to go to Confession?
January 2024 Is masturbation a sinful act; is it possible to masturbate without having lust or sexual thoughts but because it feels good?
January 2024

Is getting angry at God because I accidentally woke up late a sin and is the thought of accidentally dropping the Holy Eucharist on the floor a mortal sin?

January 2024 Was the first schism between the Ascetics and Catholics and are the Ascetics of today, the Messianic Jews?
August 2023 What can I do to refrain from consuming pornography, adult chats, sex toys, and self-gratification. or is my soul doomed?
August 2023 How do I obtain the grace to cut out a certain sin in my life if my prayers won't be answered because I fail to cut out that sin?
August 2023 Is what this priest said on the acceptability of masturbation true and would masturbation be OK in this medical situation?
August 2023 Is there any difference between praying for a group of people as a whole and praying for them singly by name; is one way better?
August 2023 Seeing I don't yawn during the day, what is the spiritual meaning, if there is one, of yawning when I start to pray at night?
April 2023 Is it a sin to agree to the Terms of Service and say you have read them without having read them?
April 2023 Seeing that in the design of this book there was the number of the beast, is it evil or is it safe to read?; Am I over thinking this?
April 2023 Would practicing lucid dreaming (the ability to control one's dreams) invite unwanted, evil spirits into my life?
April 2023 What is the proper process for exorcizing an object or can the object be legitimized by the breaking of curses and reused again?
April 2023 Is abortion a forgivable sin; who is affected more?, and what is a disciplined routine I could practice to live a good Catholic life?
April 2023 Is it morally permissible to play the video game, "Phasmophobia" since it uses "cursed items" like Ouija boards, voodoo dolls, etc?
January 2023 Is it a sin to listen to sermons or advice from other Christian preachers who are not Catholic?
January 2023 If I want to start praying for my brothers and sisters, other than this prayer, what prayer should I use?
January 2023 Is a Catholic allowed to practice Zen Buddhist meditation, and partake in the Buddhist, "Refuge of the Three Jewels" ceremony?
August 2022 Is it a sin to watch shows like Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness or Wanda vision and is viewing them against our faith?
August 2022 Is it sinful to pray in a sitting position, with my legs crossed?; I also use my hands in a praying gesture.
August 2022 Is it sinful for a practicing Catholic to say a Greek Orthodox devotion without knowing it?
August 2022 Is applying (and/or) wearing make-up a sin?; a recent Protestant testimony about Hell said so.
August 2022 If it's OK, with a good intent, to get a tattoo, why would God say no to getting a tattoo?
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