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Lucy Benitez wrote:

Hi, guys —

May God and the Virgin Mary bless you always.

I want to get your help in answering some questions that a Muslim is asking me; he's a dear friend of mine. He told me some things about Jesus Christ and I don't know how to answer them.

He thinks that it is unfair and inhuman that Jesus had to pay for our sins. He also says that if God had a Son, who would take upon Himself the curse of all sinners and be put on the Cross as an accursed, then there is no reason why it should not have been mentioned in the Torah and the Jewish Scriptures.

Muslims don't believe in the Holy Bible as the Word of God because they believe it has been changed and that we Catholics added additional books. They refuse to believe or accept that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and therefore our Lord and Savior because they don't believe that He died on the Cross and claim they have proofs to demonstrate this.

Thank you so much for reading my e-mail; any help you can give me would be appreciated.


  { Can you help answer some questions about Jesus that a Muslim friend asked me; how do I reply? }

Mary Ann replied:

Lucy —

Jesus' death on the Cross was prophesied in the Jewish Scriptures.

Islam was created several hundred years after Christianity was revealed. Mohammed only had contact with heretical pseudo-Christians who did not believe Christ was the Son of God.

Get a copy of the Catholic Catechism; it explains our entire faith.

Mary Ann

Mike replied:

Hi, Lucy —

I agree with Mary Ann's answer.

If you like the question and answer format of learning the faith you can also try:

In Christian theology, the relationship between the Lord God and his children is a
Loving Father-Son relationship.

In Muslim theology, this would be heresy; a Father-Son relationship would not be allowed; only
a Master-Slave relationship would be allowed.

As a Catholic Christian, this is important for you to know.

Remember, as Mary Ann pointed out, anything he tells you about Christ is being filtered through heretical pseudo-Christians. If he is serious about learning what the first Christians thought and taught, you should suggest that he read the writings of the Early Church Fathers.

These books will help:

I also recommend the following books for you, so you can effectively share the Catholic faith with your Muslim friends:

We have already handled the phony issue of adding books to the Bible in this posting:

Hope this helps,


Lucy replied:

May God and Virgin Mary bless you!

Thank-you very much for answering my question; I have one more question on proving the historicity of the Passion. As I was telling you, some Muslims refuse to believe in the Passion and Sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

  • Why do the Muslims refuse to believe in the Passion?

In spite of this, there are other Muslims sects that do believe in the Passion of Jesus Christ but they say Jesus is just a good person that died for us.

  • How can I help these other Muslim friends to believe and accept the Passion of Jesus Christ?

For me, it is so sad and unfair that some people can deny Our Lord's Redeeming Sacrifice.

  • How can I prove this historical event really happened?

My Muslim friend claims to have proofs that this event didn't happen.

Thank you so much for your help and for taking time to read my e-mail.


Mary Ann replied:


You know that he doesn't have proofs that it didn't happen. For him, the fact that his religion says so is proof.

The best way to help that person know that Christ loves him and saves him, is to behave like Christ.

If he really wants to talk about religion with you, he will ask. Your proof is the testimony of the Apostles, who saw Christ die and come back from the dead.

Their witness to the Resurrection is the basis of our faith. They all died for this truth.

Mary Ann

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