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Rico wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • What do you know about the terrible period of history known as the Inquisition?

I would appreciate some input on it. It sounds as if there were sincere monks, priests, and Dominicans who were just following Papal orders.

  • Am I right or wrong?

They did terrible things to a multitude of people. I am not as knowledgeable as you are in Catholic history and I would greatly appreciate learning more about this dark period of Christian history.

I am well aware of "religious" hypocrites doing terrible things in the name of religion while appeasing their personal and evil desires. I am also aware of other sincere believers excusing all sorts of evil over the centuries, in the name of obedience.

So brothers, it's your turn. Give me some good answers here. As you may know, I am an evangelist. I spend my days in the streets ministering to people, and this is one issue that comes up regularly.

I look forward to your comments.


  { What do you know about the terrible period in history known as the Inquisition? }

Mike replied:

Hi Rico,

Great to hear from you.

I suggest you bookmark our knowledge base and search engine page. We have already answered similar questions.
[Page to bookmark and search on]

Related postings:

Hope this helps,


Rico replied:

Thanks Mike,

I read that information and digested it.



Eric replied:

Rico —


Note that there were several inquisitions, but in many cases, the Inquisitions were so benign compared to the brutal civil courts of the day, that criminals committed offenses just to be tried under Inquisition courts because they were so much better.

With the Spanish Inquisition it is important to note that the Church in Rome protested the actions of the authorities in Spain and tried to rein them in.

For more information besides that book, see:


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