John Patterson wrote:

Hi, guys —

I am very aware of Canons 1374, 915, and 916 with regards to the Masons, however, I need a clear reference regarding female associations like:

  • Job's Daughters
  • Eastern Star
  • Rainbow girls, etc.

The Rector and Archbishop claim these are just social groups and do good social work in the community thus they allow one of their leaders to read and distribute Holy Communion at Mass.

I contend this is a violation of Canon Law and the person should be forbidden from participating in Liturgy and encouraged to renounce their membership.

The laws were written and approved by Blessed John Paul II and a clarification (Canon 1374) issued by Pope Benedict. I don't think you can get more moral authority than that on this earth!

  • Are these affiliate groups also subject to Canons 1374, 915, and 916?


  { Are groups like the Job's Daughters, Eastern Star, and Rainbow girls subject to these canons? }

Fr. Jonathan replied:

Hi, John —

There are endless numbers of groups you could list and so it would be out of the scope to of our mission to specifically answer this question, however, the general answer is:

  • If a group is suspect, then it should be pointed out and investigated at the local level.
  • If it is simply a little group, then the pastor of that Church should investigate it.
  • If it is bigger than that and seems to be causing harm then it should be reported to the Bishop of the diocese where it is active for his investigation.

Fr. Jonathan

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