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Lacey Anon wrote:

Hi, guys —

I don't think the Catholic Church has yet developed many clear positions on same-sex families, beyond that they should not have been formed in the first place. I would love to hear some ideas on how interested same-sex families could become Catholics.

If a couple has married, should they divorce, or can they become celibate within the marriage?

Official Catholic positions frown on same-sex couples raising children.

If a family wants to convert to Catholicism and fully participate, receiving Communion:

  • Should children be taken from their biological parent and placed in foster homes?
  • Or is this more in line with single parents, where the Church certainly doesn't advise starting down that path but also supports existing single-parent families?


  { Do you have any ideas of how same-sex families can become Catholic? }

Paul replied:

Dear Lacey,

The Church teaches only what God has revealed through nature and the Scriptures. It is apparent and objectively obvious that we are not designed for sexual activity with people of the same sex. Such act cannot unite two persons and it cannot procreate a third person — and union and procreation is the double-purpose of human sexuality. All sexual acts perverted from this natural end are intrinsically evil and abusive.

People are attracted to becoming Catholic because they love the truth, goodness, and beauty that is Christ reflected in His Body, the Church. Man-woman marriage is not something the Church makes up, or simply likes, but it is the natural outgrowth of human nature where a man and woman become one flesh. Same-sex marriage is like referring to a circular square; it is a contradiction of human nature that makes no sense.

Therefore, a person (or persons) that has a same-sex attraction, who would like to join the Church should work with a good priest. It makes sense that they would have to renounce any lifestyle that is objectively sinful as well as any false notions of marriage they have; but changing one's life may be a process.

A good priest would be able to help them overcome vice and live Godly, chaste lives, if they are serious in their desire to please God.


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