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SFC Paul McDermott US Army Retired wrote:

Mr. Humphrey,

I am a practicing Catholic and an active member of the Knights of Columbus.

Please do me a favor. In your conversations with the Holy Father, see if you can feel him out on the subject of the Freemasons. I know the Church's present position but a very good friend of mine talks about them and has invited me to join.

As said I am aware of the Churches position, and thus far; have declined. They do a lot of good work and I cannot help but think that they are the victims of a lot of medieval bigotry and superstition. Notwithstanding, I will not go against the Catholic Church. This Pontiff may look at ancient idealisms differently.

If you get the chance to talk to him, find out his views on the Freemasons. This could be an issue where he has changed his mind. Extend my warmest wishes to him. I believe that He speaks with the voice of Jesus.

God Bless.

With Utmost Respect,

SFC Paul McDermott US Army Retired

  { Has Pope Francis changed his view on the Freemasons and are they victims of medieval bigotry? }

Mike replied:

Dear SFC McDermott,

First, thank-you for your service to our country. It is your service that gives my team the ability to serve and defend the Church freely in the United States.

As to you question, we have no contact with Vatican officials or Pope Francis. If you wish to contact Vatican officials or Pope Francis, you can write to them here.

Although it appears you already are familiar with the Church's view on Masonry, I would still encourage you to search questions from our knowledge base. Pope Francis would not have changed his view on the Masons or Freemasonry.

Try this web page of postings dealing with link for more related posting dealing with the subject of the Freemasons.

You said:
I cannot help but think that they are the victims of a lot of medieval bigotry and superstition.

I believe somewhere along the line you have received some poor information. There are many reasons why becoming a Freemason is inconsistent with being a faithful Catholic.

If you read some of the posting from the web page above you may find additional information you were previously unaware of.

Take care, Paul . . . and again,

Thank-you for your service.


SFC Paul McDermott replied:


Thanks for your prompt reply. I guess I'll have to write the Holy Father a letter.

I meant what I said about not going against my Faith. You may not believe this but even as I write this, I really do have certain misgivings about getting involved with them. I suppose I was looking for some sort of I guess it's alright from the Holy Father.

Oh well, some things must remain constant I suppose. At the Council level, the Knights are a wonderful organization and one I am proud to belong to. There is true Catholic love and respect for one another.

Thanks for your appreciation of my Service Mike. Believe me the Army was the life I chose.
I simply accepted the bad with the good. For God and Country as we would say.

God Bless You!

SFC Paul McDermott US Army Retired

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