Jeremy wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • Can you please confirm for me that the Gregory my friend is referring to below is
    Saint Gregory of Neocaesarea?
  • Or is it another Gregory?

Gregory did not cover his head at prayer. How could he? He was a true disciple of the Apostle who says, 'Every man praying or prophesying, having his head covered, dishonours his head.' And 'a man indeed ought not to cover his head forasmuch as he is the image of God.'

— Saint Basil the Great (329-379 A.D.) writing to the clergy of Neocaesarea.


  { Is Saint Basil the Great referring to Saint Gregory of Neocaesarea or some other Gregory? }

Mike replied:

Dear Jeremy,

Thanks for the question.

I am not steeped in Church history and the writings of the Early Church Fathers but if St. Basil was addressing the clergy of Neocaesarea, one can only assume that the Gregory he was referring to was Gregory Thaumaturgus also known as Gregory of Neocaesarea: (A.D. 213 - 270).

The only other possible Gregory could have been St. Gregory of Nazianzen as St. Basil the Great and St. Gregory of Nazianzen were long time friends from a young age to an old one. Their feasts are also celebrated together on the same day: January 2nd.

Below are other Early Church Fathers relevant to your question and when they lived.

Early Church Father Lifespan
St. Basil the Great (A.D. 328 - 379)
Gregory Thaumaturgus
also known as Gregory of Neocaesarea
(A.D. 213 - 270)
St. Gregory of Nazianzen (A.D. 318 - 389)
St. Gregory of Nyssa (A.D. c. 335 - c. 394)
Pope St. Gregory the Great (I) (A.D. 540 – 604)
St. Gregory of Narek (A.D. 951-1003)

I hope this helps,


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