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Johnathon Flint wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • What does the pope or the Catholic Church think about the legalization of gay marriages in the United States (U.S.A.)?
  • Do you all support it and to what extent?
  • Do these people have a right to get married?

I know what the Bible says about it.


  { What does the pope or the Catholic Church think about the legalization of gay marriages? }

Mike replied:

Dear Johnathon,

First, there is no such word, theologically or biologically, as gay marriage.

Marriage is a Christian term that our secular culture has bastardized or distorted solely for the causes of special interest groups in the United States.

Marriage, theologically and biologically, is a covenant between three people:

  1. a single man
  2. a single woman, and
  3. God for life.

This is a life-long, life-giving Covenant intended for two purposes . . .

  • babies, and

. . . where the Trinity is made incarnate and manifested in the family, which we call
the domestic Church.

Secular groups with special interests that come up with different definitions for marriage are just trying to mimic or copy what they would like marriage to be is yet the physiological makeup of a man and woman contradict this.

Physiology is the subset of biology that scientifically explains how living organisms interact with other living organisms. Even these special interest groups show no concern for the physiological harmful effects of same-sex behavior on their own advocates.

Let's keep it simple. They don't get the message:

  1. Men's bodies where only designed to work with women's bodies! . . . and
  2. Women's bodies where only designed to work with men's bodies!

Since the Church is only interested in the salvation of all souls, including those with same-sex attractions, she would be against phony definitions of marriage, like gay marriage, that only try to redefine traditional marriage, which again, is a covenant between:

  1. one single man
  2. one single woman, and
  3. God for life.

As a side note: My father always told me:

Mike, a right always takes on a responsibility.

It appears these special interest groups have no interest in responsibility.

For those who do struggle with same-sex attractions but also have a strong desire to be a faithful, practicing Catholic, check out the Church's ministry just for you and their new web site design.

I think it looks awesome!

  • Courage is an international apostolate of the Catholic Church, which ministers to persons with same-sex attractions and their family and friends.

I hope this helps address your question.


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