Charles wrote:

Hi, guys —

I am a Catholic but my friend is a Jehovah Witness and she is asking me many questions which I am unable to answer. I am very confused. She is showing me references in Bible to back her view.

  • Can you please tell me about Jehovah Witnesses and give me some study suggestions?


  { Can you please tell me about Jehovah Witnesses and give me some study suggestions? }

Mike replied:

Dear Charles,

Try these sources. I think they will help; especially the ones on the Catholic Answers web site (

My colleagues may have other ideas.


Eric replied:

Charles —

There is much to say about Jehovah Witnesses. They are recognized by all other major Christian groups as a cult and as unorthodox. They have a very subtle and deceptive way of arguing to convince you of their position.

It's best not to tangle with them theologically unless you really know your stuff. They are highly trained in the art of persuading people to accept their view.

If you really want to engage them, be sure you are very firm in your faith and know your stuff. has some tracts on Jehovah's Witnesses that may prove useful. They also have some good books.

Good luck.


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